Advanced Topics

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WordPress Plugins and Customization

  • Managing Plugins - How to install and manage WordPress Plugins
  • WordPress Plugins - Where to find WordPress Plugins
  • Plugin Resources - Comprehensive list of resources for WordPress Plugin developers
  • Templates - Comprehensive list of resources related to Themes and Templates, how to customize them, and how to create them
  • Photoblogs and Galleries - How to use WordPress as a photo blog or photo gallery
  • Podcasting - How to podcast audio and video content using WordPress
  • Using Images - How to use images in your WordPress blog

WordPress Advanced Techniques

  • WordPress in Your Language - Description of how to find and install a non-English blog in WordPress
  • Importing Content - How to import posts and comments from your previous blog software
  • Editing Files - How to edit your theme and other WordPress PHP files from within the WordPress administrative menus
  • Using Javascript - Description of how and why to use JavaScript in themes and posts
  • AJAX - Description of AJAX technology and how it is used in WordPress
  • WordPress Cookies - Description of how WordPress uses Cookies
  • Writing Code in Your Posts - How to put programming and HTML code into a post, and get it to format the way you expect
  • WordPress Feeds - Introduction to RSS and other types of content feeds in WordPress, with links to other feed-related resources
  • Using Permalinks - How to customize permalink structure in WordPress
  • XML-RPC Support in WordPress - Short note on XML-RPC support in WordPress, which allows you to post using external programs
  • Enable Sending Referrers - How to fix browser issues in the Administration Panels of WordPress, related to your browser not sending "referring page" information
  • Nginx - Serving WordPress sites with the Nginx web server, an alternative to the Apache web server
  • Protection From Harvesters - How to protect your email address on a WordPress site from being harvested by a spammer
  • Troubleshooting - Comprehensive list of resources for troubleshooting problems in WordPress
  • Developer Documentation - Resources for developers of Themes, Plugins, and the core of WordPress
  • FAQ Advanced Topics - Answers to frequently-asked questions
  • WordPress Semantics - The jargon of WordPress
  • Technical Articles - List of mostly outside references about WordPress

Server and Database Information

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