BA 5.1.1700 build 14343 Upgrade EXTENDED ROM

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Basically these are the same Instructions as Mamaichs

I added the Extended_ROM and changed everything to fit the PH20B device

Instructions for upgrading your ROM to WM 5 Build 14343

  • This is a Pre release version and has its problems check the threads for more info.
  • This is a BA GSM rom and will only work on PH20B devices ('Not CDMA / Harrier)
  • And it cant be made, fixed, edited or reworked to work on any other device
  • You need Windows XP with SP2 to make ActiveSync 4 work! (or Windows 2000)
  • Flashing your device can turn it into a Paper Weight, this is your own risk
  • Flashing a Rom which is not from your carrier will void* the warranty
  • The Partion Tool resets your Extended rom Password and you Will not be able to lock you EXT Rom if you revert back to CE2003

Upgrade Instructions:

  • First of all, backup ALL your USER data, including the files in \Storage, because you will lose EVERYTHING. You will also not be able to restore any Sprite/xBackup/Activesync etc. backup, basicly backup files made by backup softwares. So you'll have to reinstall everything.
  1. Install Activesync 4.1 but uninstall any previous versions first.
    • Download it from Microsoft Activesync 4.1.
    • Make sure you can connect to your device
    • You don't Have to or need to set up a partnership
    • Just pair your device as Guest then click on "Explore" then on "My Windows Mobile Device".
    • If you can see files and folders there, everything works
  2. Download Blue Angel/wm5/WM2k5_v3.3_r4.rar Version 5.1.1700 Build 14343 - Patched by Mamaich V3 - Upgraded by Lt.Cmdr.Ivan V3.3 R4
    • This is a patched version, it will not cry about digital signatures and work slightly faster.
  3. Extract all files. You might need WinRAR for this.
  4. You will see the following folders, place the extracted files of the latest rom to the appropriate directory.
    • WM5_Ivan_upgrade
    • Extended_ROM_procedure
    • WM2003SE_Downgrade
  5. If you have not unhided and unlocked your Extended ROM yet
    • copy from the "Extended_ROM_procedure\WM2003_tools\ExtROM Unlocker" folder to your device.
    • install it by tapping on it in filemanger
    • then go to start -> Programs -> ExtROM tools -> then first run "unhide", then "Unlock". Do a soft reset.
  6. Setup the Storage size to get enough Extended Rom Space
    • Copy Repart_DOC.exe from the "Extended_ROM_procedure\WM2003_tools\DOC repartitioning tool" folder to your device and launch it.
    • Set size of Extended ROM to at least 4000 kb (or more if you want to add personal files.)
    • Press "Format now!" and wait until it is done (A few seconds). You will see a message that it is done.
    • Soft reset.
    • You will get an error message about your storage, just press yes and wait a few seconds.
  7. Stop activesync.
    • Right click on taskbar -> Task Manager.
    • End the following processes: rapimgr.exe, outlook.exe, winword.exe, wcescomm.exe, wcesmgr.exe
  8. Put your device into bootloader mode.
    Press Power record (above the volume slider) + softreset at the same time.
    • You should see a white screen with "Serial" text on it and the Bootloader version.
    • Put your device into the cradle
    • Make sure that the charger of your PDA is connected to the cradle.
    • The text should change to "USB" now.
  9. Run BaUpgradeUt.exe, see next step.
  10. "
  11. Now you have launched the requred upgrade program,
    • Press next (it should recognize your device in 10-15 seconds).
    • You'll see that the new ROM version is ---, just ignore that, press next,
    • The upgrade process should begin in a few moments. It'll take about 10 minutes.
  12. Hardreset based on Screen Information
    • When you are done, remove your device from the cradle.
    Press Power Softreset, and when the colored stripes (well, this is the bootscreen :) )shows on the screen.
    • Quickly press Record+Camera before the versions appears at bottom right
    • OR, press Power+Softreset+Camera+Record at the same time.
    • Either way mentioned above should work.
    • You'll see three options; change the second and the third to "yes".
    • You can do that with the camera and the record buttons.
    • If you are done, press the mail button, it'll show a white screen for a while, just wait.
    • If the bootscreen, aka. the colored stripes is displayed, Wait more, you are booting.
    • The welcome screen to set up your device should appear soon.
  13. Setup your device
    • Follow the instructions on the screen
  14. Setup Activesync Partnership on your PC.
    • Put your device into the cradle
    • Pair and sync your device.
    • If you have problems with the first sync, Try.
    • Disconnect your device
    • go to Start -> settings -> Connections -> Network cards.
    • Tap on "Remote_NDIS Host", and change to "Use server-assigned IP address" at the IP address tab.
    • Windows and your PDA may whine about duplicate names and "Cant determine IP address", just press okay.
    • Also check that you have turned off PC-Cllin Internet security 2005 Firewall (Windows XP firewall seems to work)
  15. Now you should have a working WM5 BA device. However, you will notice that serveral things are missing from control panel and you can't adjust the brightness.
  16. Test the device
    • Check the phone
    • Check your Regional settings
    • Check the time
  17. After that you can cook your own Extended Rom and use it

See also

  FAQ, Known problems 


  • Mamaich for his Patch V3 Rom as base for my modifications
  • Buzz_Lightyear for all the tools and knowledge
  • Mamaich for all Tools and knowledge
  • KTamas for all Tools and knowledge
  • KTamas for his quick help on the initflashfiles.dat problem
  • Mamaich for the Extended Rom Unhider for WM5.0
  • Mamaich for the WM5.0EditRom
  • Rschell for his fixed Tuma beta 1.3 Skin
  • for the startup screen
  • And all others I forgot

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