BA Bluetooth Upgrade

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Instructions Bluetooth upgrade to version

Please note that the 1.40 CE Roms already include Bluetooth

Wiki Notes:

  • The general consensus of the forum users is that BT performs better with a higher Radio ROM version
  • Installation of Bluetooth files is more succesful when radio is turned off
  • If you want to upgrade your Radio ROM, please do so first:

Radio ROM version 1.13.00

The Thread to follow this subject in detail is:

BT3900 or BT3500

Download the Upgrade following these links:

If the above link seem to be broken here is an alternative one I found:

Instructions (follow all these steps):

  1. Download all files to your desktop
  2. Open the folder
  3. Soft reset your PDA
  4. Replace PDA in cradle
  5. Make sure ActiveSync is working
  6. Copy both files from your open desktop folder to a know folder on your PDA (\temp)
  7. Tap on RestartRadio.exe
    This will turn off the radio for the installation as seen by the icon on the topbar
    The Icon will go from what looks like stairs to a wine glass wizh an "x" next to it
  8. Tap on
    This will start the installation
    The cab will delete itself after installation
  9. Tap on RestartRadio.exe
    This will turn on the radio after installation
    If you have a PIN Lock on your SIM Card go over programs to phone and enter it
  10. Soft reset your PDA

The new Bluetooth is now installed on your device To check the currently installed BT version:

  • Start -> Settings -> Connections -> Bluetooth -> About -> Advanced