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Disassembly/Replacement of your Blue Angel Case

There are times when you have a need to replace or gain access to the physical case of the BA unit. There are a few vendors that sell replacement parts and cases online.


Before you begin, make sure you have a Torx T-5 screwdriver, Torx T-6 screwdriver, and a 000 Phillips head screwdriver. All of these referd to as precision screwdriver tips are not common in such a small sizes and you may or may not be able to find them at the local hardware store. If all else fails, try A major online retailer.

Case Disassembly Process

  1. Remove SD card (If installed), SIM chip, Stylus, and Battery.
  2. Remove Four(4) T6 in the battery compartment and Two 000 Phillips head screws on the sides attaching back of case.
  3. Carefully lift and remove back case. It should come loose with minimal pressure.
  4. Disconnect micro cable from thumb board and wires connecting vibration motor.
  5. Unscrew three(3), 000 Phillips head screws attaching circuit board to case.
  6. Carefully move display panel to extended position.
  7. Lift up circuit board and carefully disconnect micro cables from front side.
  8. With display panel in extended position remove Four(4), T5 retaining screws
  9. Carefully remove thumb board panel by lifting from the bottom to the top of device. It should come loose with minimal pressure. Remember to mind the micro cables and make sure they don't snag.

You now have access to the screen panel and all of it's internal buttons and components. In my device these all seem to be held on using 000 Phillips head screws.

To Be Continued.

Replacement Case Vendors

A quick search returned this vendor for replacement parts:

  • A user of this board in the UK, nickname fluffcat1, sells cases and ships internationally. Send him a private message for information.

Disassembly Guide See this link for a good disassembly guide with images(created by a member of the site).