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Things you need to Know before you start cooking in your Extended Rom.


To make the user aware of pitfalls of cooking in the Extended Rom

advices in the Your Extended Rom Kitchen

  1. Be aware of what you are installing
  2. Verify that the Cab is written for your CE Version.
  3. Test the cabs before placing then in the \Extended_Rom Folder
  4. Don't forget to edit and Save yor Config.txt
  5. Unlock / Unhide your Extended Rom only when you need it
  6. Lock / Hide your Extended Rom when not in use

Understanding (Cabs ERK Version)

Cabs fall into the following types

  1. Un-removable
    Cabs that install software however the can not be removed with the "Remove programs" application (Fax)
  2. Confirmation Wanted
    Cabs that ask for a registration key or need to be confirmed (Resco File Explorer)
    * Thus you need to be able to use the touch screen.
  3. Chatty
    Cabs that come up with the message such as "written for wrong version" and want your input
    * Thus you need to be able to use the touch screen.
  4. Confused
    Cabs that if executed by hand install fine.
    If executed by AutoRun, install fine however then come up with the message that it will re-install itself.
    * Thus you need to be able to use the touch screen to say cancel.
  5. Picky
    Cabs that install the directory were they have been executed from (splashPhoto).
  6. Mission Imposible
    Cabs that self destruct (delete themselves) after install (Extended Rom Unlock tool)
    * Thus you need a backup and are not very useful in extended rom.
    * NOTE: A workaround for this issue is to change the permissions of any cab files you place in the Extended Rom to read-only. This will prevent them from being deleted once the installation has completed.
  7. Booties
    Cabs that perform a soft reset whether you like it or not


The Extended Rom is Limited by size to 16MB thus not all your software can be placed in it.

Final Warning

Adding a Cab file to your Extended Rom that requires you to confirm, enter a key or do any input Whilst the Touch Screen is Disabled will turn your device into a Paper Weight unless you remove the TPDisable before it is installed in the config file!

This means that the Installation will be stuck and you will have to reflash!