BA ERK Understand

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Understanding the Blue Angle Extended ROM

  • The Extended ROM is shipped as ms_.nbf and loaded with the BaUpgradeUt.exe
  • The ms_.nbf is extracted during the Upgrade and written to folder \Extended_Rom
  • The \Extended_Rom folder is hidden and read only
  • The Extended ROM can un hidden with the following tool Unlock tool
  • The Extended ROM is limited to 16MB in size
  • The Numbering of the Extended ROM is operator dependent:
    • Thus a QTEK version 1.22.225 might or might not have higher patches than a I-Mate version 1.22.62
  • Extended ROMs are built around the major OS release (1.22, 1.31)
    • It is *NOT* advisable to install cabs from a Extended ROM if the Windows Mobile 2003 Version are not the same
    • It is *NOT* advisable to install patches if the CE versions (1.22, 1.31) are different. (They might have already been included in that CE version.)

Execution of the Extended ROM

  • CheckAutorun.exe (which is started from \Windows\Startup\~CheckAutorun.lnk) executes the AutoRun.exe
  • AutoRun.exe is found in the \Extended_Rom Folder
  • AutoRun.exe reads the \Extended_Rom\Config.txt and executes the commnands in that file
  • The pointer for AutoRun.exe HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\AutoRun is set to \Extended_ROM\AutoRun
  • The pointer for Config.txt HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\AutoRunCFG is set to \Extended_ROM\AutoRunCFG
  • The Touch screen is disabled by the first command (TPDisable.exe)in the Config.txt
  • The Touch screen is enabled by the 2nd to last command (TPEnable.exe)in the Config.txt
  • The last Command of the config.txt (RST) performs a soft reset

Content of the Extended ROM

  • The Extended ROM consists of System files (TPDisable.exe, TPEnable.exe, AutoRun.exe, Config.txt)
  • The Extended ROM consists of *.CAB installation files
  • The installation files fall into the following types
  1. Applications: Album, Fax, Zip
  2. Patches for the Hardware: Button9 on the Hardware Keyboard
  3. Patches for the software: Blue tooth upgrade
  4. Provider specific files and programs: Splash screen, Internet Explorer defaults, telco settings, etc.

Effects of a Hard Reset

  • A Hard Reset will NOT re-extract the ms_.nbf
  • A Hard Reset will reload the contents of the \Extended_Rom folder
  • A Hard Reset will reload the OS and thus also clean the registry

Why is this of interest to me?

  • The Extended ROM can be cooked (Customize the ROM to your own liking)
  • What ever you put in the \Extended_Rom folder will remain even after a Hard Reset
  • The \Storage will not be overwritten on a Hard Reset
  • Thus one is able to keep CAB files on \Storage for automatic reinstallation after a Hard Reset
  • You can keep your "customized" Extended ROM and only perform a OS or Radio Upgrade