BA ERK Understand Kitchen

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Understand the Blue Angel Extended Rom Kitchen


To give a overview of what happens in the extended rom kitchen.
To explain the Kitchen Entrance, the Oven and what a Cooked Rom is

Where do the Extended Roms come form ?

As we have no tool such as er2003edit for the BlueAngel we are unable to extract the extended Roms from the ms_.ndf and have to rely on uploads from forum members which are placed in

The format of the file is
Operator_Model or Country_Ext_Rom_VersionNr_LanguageCode_AddedInfo.rar(zip)

Thus the file QTEC_BelDT_Ext_ROM_122557_WWE has a version 1.22.557 and was extracted form the installed version of BA_WWE_BelDT_12200_557_10602_SHIP found also on our ftp site under:

How do they end up in the Kitchen?

A copy of this extended rom is moved into the Kitchen Entrance by a member of the staff

What happens to this Rom in the Kitchen (The Oven)

The rom QTEC_BelDT_Ext_ROM_122557_WWE is given the next Extender Rom Kitchen Number
In this case ERK_1.22_001.

The files are extracted in the appropriate dirctory and a cook takes this rom apart.

  • The cabs are looked at to determine the version numbers
  • The Splash sreens are posted to
  • The Operator Customizations are posted to
  • The cabs are compared to the old base
In this case ERK_1.22_Base Vs ERK_1.22_001 or in clear text
I-Mate_PDA2K_Ext_ROM_122162_WWE Vs QTEC_BelDT_Ext_ROM_122557_WWE
  • The newer Cabs or the Cabs that have a higher version are posted to:

How is this comparing done?

What the Cab does Version old base Commpared to
I-Mate_PDA2K_Ext_ROM_122162_WWE QTEC_BelDT_Ext_ROM_122557_WWE
ERK_1.22_Base ERK_1.22_001
Album BA_Album_WWE.CAB (15.07.04) BA_Album_WWE.CAB
Photo Contacts
KSE Truefax Fax_2.09_WWE_Unremovable_0720.CAB KSE_Fax_v2.09_BA_WWE_0720_unremovable.CAB
Ring Tone Plug-in MIDI561.CAB MIDI561.CAB
MMS Composer Part of messaging MMS_v2.0.0.13_BA_WWE_0903.CAB
MIDlet Manager JMM101257_WWE_1004.CAB Java_V10.1.2.49_BA_WWE_0901_unremovable.CAB
InquiryDuration Custimization_CDL_090904.CAB
HLM\Security\ECall CDL_ECall.CAB
Wireless manager
Default BT search Time
Patch Audio serial OEM_ALL_122_04111601.CAB
Battery Upgrade
Major Bluetooth Upgrade
Minor Bluetooth Upgrade
Broadcom Bluetooth Upgrade
Customizing Customizing Customizing
Set Hardware keyboard Button9 Button9.CAB
Operator Version Nr BA_Version_122.CAB BA_Version_112.CAB
Operator Customizing Belgian_WWE_Customize.sa_041203.CAB
Added Application
PDF ad PPT Viewer
Addded Patch

The results are a Cooked Rom

Based on the comparison of these two Extended Roms we are able to say that the ERK_1.22._001 form QTEC_BelDT_Ext_ROM_122557_WWE adds the PDF and PPT to our new base.

  • The Cook Posts to
  • The Cook Posts his findings as well as a copy of the Config.txt
Cooked ERK_1.22_001
  • The Cook Updates the Cooked Extended Roms Section with his findings
Cooked Extended Roms
  • The Cook Updates the New Base to show with the added files
The New Base
  • The cook moves onto his next ERK_1.22.Number with his new base
In this case ERK_1.22_002