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Understanding the New Base

  • The New Base is an analyzes of all Cooked Extended Roms.
  • If all operators pooled their Extended Rom Version this is what that Extended Rom would look like (ERK).
  • It is a collection of ONLY the cabs files found in the Extended Rom Kitchen.
  • It is CE version dependent
Thus a Patch files found in version 1.22 might not be posted in Version 1.31 as they are already part of the CE 1.31.
  • It has *NO* Operator Customizing
Thus this remains your choice.
  • Patches submitted in the New Base have been verified against exciting patches.
Thus will not be posted as it downgrades
  • Applications found in other Kitchen Versions will be posted to the New Base
Thus if T-Mobile posted a Zip application in Version 1.22,
it will be posted regardless of the fact it has not been yet been cooked in Version 1.31
  • It is designed as a reference point for you to build your own Cooked Extended ROM
  • It *Does not* represent anybody's personal choice

How to use the New Base

  • Based on your CE Version go to that Cooked Extended Rom Section
  • Browse the Cooked Roms to locate the Application or Patch you would like to add
  • Download the Application / Patch to you Device
  • Edit your Config.txt with the text out of the Cooked Rom section
  • Execute the Application / Patch (Tap with the file manager)
  • Perform a Soft reset on your device (last command of the Config.txt)


Cooking My First Extended Rom with Zip