BA ERK X 122925

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02 Asia 1.22.925 WWE (Part of CE 1.31)

  • ERK_1.22_003
  • Ship =
  • Extended Rom = O2_IIs_Asia_Ext_Rom_112925_WWE
  • Details

This Extended Rom is to say the least Interesting It comes with a grand total of 77 Files

It set up the following Carriers:

Default, 1O1O, 3-DUALBAND, AIS, Celcom, ChungHwa Telecom, DiGi, DTAC, Globe, IM3, M1, Maxis, New World Mobility, One2Free, Optus, ProXL, Satelindo, SingTel, Smart, SmarTone, StarHub, StarHub Prepaid, Sunday, Telkomsel, Telstra, Vodafone Australia,

It does this by first running its

  1. Normal Autoinstall.
  2. Allowing the Touchsceen
  3. Changing the satatus of the buttons
  4. Loading a daialog moduale (Extracted from
  5. Copying a new autoconfig.txt file to the device
  6. Running a autoconfig.exe (Extracted from

This is in fact a feat as the file CAB: \Extended_ROM\6inone.CAB. Which is seen in every carrier of the Autoconfig.txt can't be found. I also did not find it in the cabs that I looked at and no I dd not look at all 77.

I Have have done a ERK cleaned up of the files and moved them to carrier directories for better viewing don't install this its just to work with ERK_O2_IIs_Asia_Ext_Rom_112995.WWE_NewDirStructure.rar


  • = Camera upgrade

2.09.04 Camera.exe

  • CW-Album-Association.CAB = Reg Entries

CW-Album-Association.CAB [BA_ERK_X_122_CW-Album-Association.CAB Reg Entries]


O2_IIs_Asia_Ext_Rom_11295.WWE is a pain to work with and should be left to those that feel they need it.


CAB: \Extended_ROM\
CAB: \Extended_ROM\BA_Album_WWE.CAB
CAB: \Extended_ROM\MIDI561.CAB
CAB: \Extended_ROM\MMS_v2.0.0.13_BA_WWE_O2Asia_0913.CAB
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
CAB: \Extended_ROM\Java_V10.1.2.49_BA_WWE_0901_unremovable.CAB
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
CAB: \Extended_ROM\O2ASIA_WWE_Customization_0923.CAB
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
CAB: \Extended_ROM\CW-Album-Association.CAB
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
RST: Reset


CAB: \Extended_ROM\6inone.CAB
CAB: \Extended_ROM\O2ASIA_WWE_Customization_0923.CAB
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
RST: Reset
CAB: \Extended_ROM\O2ASIA_1010_Customization_0923.CAB
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
RST: Reset
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
CAB: \Extended_ROM\6inone.CAB
CAB: \Extended_ROM\O2ASIA_3DualBand_Customization_0923.CAB
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
RST: Reset
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
CAB: \Extended_ROM\O2ASIA_AIS_Customization_0923.CAB
CAB: \Extended_ROM\AIS_ALL_100104.CAB
RST: Reset
CAB: \Extended_ROM\
And on
And on ect bla bla

Explanation of Files

System Files

  • TPDisable.exe = Disable touch screen
  • TPEnable.exe = Enable touch screen
  • AutoRun.exe = Starts Autoconfig.exe
  • Autoconfig.exe = Execution application (Extracted from
  • Autoconfig.txt = Config File to set up other operators
  • SetButtonLock.exe = Changes status of Buttons
  • = Setup a user intreface (I think)


  • BA_Album_WWE.CAB = Album Version 2.51 Build 16894
  • CW-Album-Association.CAB = Reg entries for Album Association
  • = Photo Contacts (Caller ID) Version 1.17 Build 16965
  • = PDF and PPT Viewer 2.4.381
  • MIDI561.CAB = Ring Tone Plug-in Player: Adds file \Windows\RTPlugIn.dll
  • MMS_v2.0.0.13_BA_WWE_02Asia_0913.CAB = MMS *ASIA* Composer Part of messaging
  • Java_V10.1.2.49_BA_WWE_0901_unremovable.CAB = MIDlet Manager Version


  • (Camera.exe = 22.09.04)
  • = Wireless Manager and STK
  • 13.09.2004 WlanMgr.exe
  • 20.08.2004 WirelessMgr.exe.0409.mui
  • 02.09.2004 Stk.exe

Customization General


Customization Operator

  • O2ASIA_WWE_Customization_0923.CAB
  • / Reg entries
  • / adds actvesyn ad os link to startmenu
  • (
  • Plus Carrier based files


  • Not looked as to many Carriers

New EXEC Files Found


  • It adds,

Be warned these cabs will create a bad looking background on your phone.