BA ERK X 133100

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Siemens SX66 1.33.110 WWE

  • ERK_1.3x_003
  • Ship= Siemens_PH20B1_13310_110_10210_WWE_SHIP (SX66Update.exe)
  • Extended Rom = Siemens_SX66_Ext_ROM_133110_WWE
  • Cab details


> EXEC:\Extended_ROM\TPDisable.exe <br/> 
> EXEC:\Extended_ROM\RestartRadio.exe <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\CallerID.CAB <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\BA_Album_WWE.CAB <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\Album_Reg.CAB <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\Enable_GPRS.CAB <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\MEdiaNet.CAB <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\Cingulcustomize_041228.CAB <br/> 
> EXEC:\Extended_ROM\AddContacts.exe <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\getmail.CAB <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\JAVA_WWE.CAB <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\MMS_WWE.CAB <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\Cin_inbox_ap.CAB <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\SetDefaultSMS.CAB <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\MIDI561.CAB <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\Button.CAB <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\WLANPatch.CAB <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\Cingular_ECall.CAB <br/> 
> CAB: \Extended_ROM\version.CAB <br/> 
> EXEC:\Extended_ROM\TPEnable.exe <br/> 
> RST: Reset <br/> 

Explanation of Files

System Files

  • TPDisable.exe= Disable touch screen
  • TPEnable.exe = Enable touch screen
  • AutoRun.exe= Execution application
  • Config.txt = Config file read by AutoRun to execute the installation of the cab files.
  • RestartRadio.exe= Turns of Phone function for the installation of the Cabs


  • AddContacts.exe = Adds Cingular Contacts through Cingulcustomize_041228.CAB


  • BA_Album_WWE.CAB= Album Version 2.51 Build 16894
  • = Photo Contacts (Caller ID) Version 1.17 Build 16965
  • MMS_WWE.CAB= MMS="B2.0.0.13" MMS Composer Part of messaging
  • JAVA_WWE.CAB= MIDlet Manager Version
  • MIDI561.CAB = Ring Tone Plug-in Player: Adds file \Windows\RTPlugIn.dll 20.11.2003
  • Album_Reg.CAB= Album Association

Reg Entries

  • getmail.CAB = Installs Cingular Xpress Mail



  • WLANPatch.CAB
18.10.2004 Tiacwln.dll 
Reg Entries= None

Customization General

  • Cingular_ECall.CAB = Sets
"List"=hex(7):\ 39,31,31,00,2a,39,31,31,00,23,39,31,31,00,31,31,32,00,30,38,00,00 

  • SetDefaultSMS.CAB

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings] "CurServiceName"="SMS"

  • Enable_GPRS.CAB
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Services\WLan\Options] "Priority"=dword:00000001 
;0: WiFi Always
;1: Connection Manager First

Customization Hardware Operator

  • Button.CAB= Set the buttom9
(Hardware keyboard the red one) to Internet explorer calling the link 

Customization Operator

  • version.CAB= Set Extended Rom version number
  • AddContacts.exe
Adds Cingular Contacts 

  • Cingulcustomize_041228.CAB
Sets Skin, RingTone, USSD notification, GPRSAuthenticationSlot... 
Reg Entries= See Cab Details
  • MEdiaNet.CAB

Sets Favorites to "URL"=" with Icon flatJack.gif

  • getmail.CAB
Installs Cingular Xpress Mail 
  • Cin_inbox_ap.CAB
Sets up MMS (No Files added) 
Reg Entries = See Cab Details


  • No Splash found in Cabs

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