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Full installation guide for TomTom 5 with BT GPS /Mastiff

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Mastiff's notes

  • I have done this twice on my WM5 Qtek 9090, and it works like a charm
  • CE 2003: This is not necessary, at least not if you haven't installed AS 4

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the 5.10 upgrade from TomTom (You don't have to install the original 5.0 from the CD first). The file will be either an exe file or
  2. Unpack the zipfile (don't run the exe directly from WinRAR or similar programs, that will make it a lot harder to find the directories you want, unpack it to somewhere first). Run the update on the Windows PC. When the first window appears, go to the directory where the update is run from. Don't close the TomTom window, or the files you want will be deleted. You will see some new directories there, and what you want, is "nvapp". Within that you'll find a subdirectory called "app". Copy the four cab-files from that to your PPC, either via the network or ActiveSync. Never mind the ini files.
  3. Go to your TomTom CD and find the directory Voice. You'll need to find the correct voice file. For Norway that's, for Denmark it's and so on. Copy that to the PPC as well.
  4. Finally run all the five cabfiles. It doesn't matter which one you run first.
  5. You're done. Of course there's the GPS as well

Fixing GPS

  1. Pair the Bluetooth GPS with the PPC.
  2. Go into Settings, System, GPS. Set Program and hardware port to none and remove the tick from the box "Manage GPS automatically".
  3. Settings, Connections, Bluetooth, COM Ports. Create an incoming port (I use COM8). Some ports will give you an error. Also create an outgoing port. I use COM7, and that is called "HOLUX GR-230 (COM7)" since I use a Holux GR-230 GPS.
  4. Open TomTom and go through the regular setup. When you come to GPS setup, choose "Other Bluetooth GPS" and set that to the same port as your outgoing port. On my GPS that means COM7. Within 15 seconds your GPS should send signals. And you're good to go TomTom-ing!

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