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How do I stop the Stylus from falling out

Thread on this subject Xda IIs Stylus holder is LOOSE after USE and ABUSE!

Method from N2O2

This has worked for me. It's been 5 months, and it still works.

  • Back up your data.
  • Remove the cover you will find a small tab in the stylus channel intended to engage the notch cut into the stylus.
  • Gently push the tab back into the stylus channel so that it will engage the stylus notch once again. Be careful if you push it too far it will break.
  • Slide the stylus into the channel to verify that the tab again engages the stylus notch.
  • Remove the stylus again.
  • Apply a small dab silicone sealant (available at any hardware store) behind the stylus retention tab. This is the "V" shaped area between the tab and the case. Be sure to fill this entire area. When the silicone has cured it will become a spring with much better position memory then the original plastic tab had on its own.
  • Reassemble your BA.
  • Allow 24 hours for the silicone to cure before inserting the stylus into the channel.

I believe this is more then a repair, it is an upgrade.

Good Luck, N2O2

  • Video tutorial by Magnets of this method here: Link

Method from MDAIIIUser

  • I use a small piece of Scotch / Tesa / sallotape around the top to make the Stylus fatter

Method from Derfeluk

  • Using Scothch tape is fine until it comes off inside your case when you have to go inside! It also pushes the small plastic tab further away from its original position.
  • I go with N202 having tried "Hot Glue" which becomes too hard, but the silicone is indeed an upgrade!

Methord from swamp2

Method from Ronzino

  • Photos on Scotch method. I have used it for 2 years. I never lost my stylus
  • Link

Method from Equlus

inject silicone sealant into ba's stylus port, rub stylus with vaseline, insert stylus into port, let dry overnight, twist out stylus, let ba continue to dry. stylus will fit extremely secure and will not come out unless you want it to. i'm a engineer and keep mine in a modified metal case with a metal krussel clip system. i've lost 15 styli, most just fell out. i've have the same stylus in use for the last 6 months now...