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Boot Screen / Splash Screen for WM2005 is now possible!

Taken from forum post

Boot screen is a 'special feature' addition for TuMa v1.4. It was to try and comfort people with a nice boot screen since everyone panics with the colour bars. TuMa v1.4 was also designed to be a 'feature rich' out of the box solution  ... but the feedback I've had has been to go the other direction.

 Anyways ... if you want to have the bootscreen in ANY other ROM, all you need to do is the following:

 You'll find the application and TuMa v1.4 Bootlogo attached in the ZIP.

 To make it run at startup, just include the following registry entries, and place the files from the ZIP in /Windows > directory.
Once you've done that - any of the other CABs I created can then be used, or just replace the BootLogo.bmp file. You will need to ensure that the BMP file is in the SAME format as the example. 8 bpp, and same file size & resolution if you want to change it. That's all that is required.

so short explanation:

  1. Make a BootLogo.bmp or use default WM5
  2. Copy BootLogo.exe and BootLogo.bmp to \Windows
  3. Crete these registry entryes into registry
  4. Reboot

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