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Buggy Thrid Party Software

Thread on this subject

Resco Explorer 2005 v5.21 / MDAIIIUser

  • I upgraded my Resco version to the above and thought I would play with it to see how it works
  • I did a default installation of WM5
  • I added a few things to it
  • I took a 43MB file from my storage Card and Dropped it under windows folder.
  • Before shots

文件:WM5 Mem low.jpg 文件:WM5 Resco low.jpg

  • After shots

文件:WM5 Mem High.jpg 文件:WM5 Resco High.jpg

  • Interesting Math
  1. Given that I only have 60MB of space I can fill it with 91MB
  2. I seem to have used 76% (with 91MB) of my 60MB space
  3. I seem to still have room
  • Other things
  1. I Can't find my Storage folder that I had in the old days
  2. I Can't work out how I filled 12MB of data on a some what clean install
  • Needless to say I went to the forum and was left hanging. Thread 

SPB PocketPlus Extended Themes / KTamas

  • Every time I try to apply an Extended theme, it changes back to the default one. Looks like a bug in this version of WM5.

1-Pass Version 1.1.1 / MDAIIIUser

  • Loaded 1-Pass on my WM5 Device
  • Set the Password both for the Hardware keys and a numeric password
  • Soft reset my device
  • Was confronted with the following screen

文件:MS Login.jpg

  • However when I lock my device I get this screen

文件:IPass Login.jpg

  • So I looked into this and found that there is an application called Psssword built into the rom
Start -> Settings -> Password 

  • It seems that both applications use the same space for if you configure one the changes are seen in the other

文件:IPass111 PWD.jpg 文件:MS PWD.jpg

  • I think at some stage I had to do enter the password in both, not sure when though.
  • So now if I am confronted with the Password application screen I can't use the 1-Pass softkeys.
  • Needless to say I E-mailed Omega One Software LLC support asking if this version is built for WM5
  • This is what I got back

Thank you for your email 1-Pass v1.1.1 has been tested on WM 5.0. We are aware of a problem where the standard Windows password screen sometimes appears instead of the 1-Pass screen, in particular after the device has been powered off and is then turned back on again. This can be resolved by soft resetting the device, or as an alternative using a four digit numeric password in 1-Pass that will also be accepted in the Windows screen.

Battery Pack Pro V2.0.3 / MDAIIIUser

  • Interesting Screen Redraw found in this version
  • I Start the device and you see the date on line 1 left side
  • I then tap the "X" drop down top right
  • Then I tap on the screen to get out of the drop down menu

Note that I now have the date twice

文件:Pc capture2.jpg 文件:Pc capture3.jpg 文件:Pc capture4.jpg

  • Needless to say I E-mailed Omega One Software LLC support

Pocket Quicken 2.03 Build 113 / MDAIIIUser

  • It seems that you can no longer sync your desktop Version with your PDA Version.
  • It does not matter if you use Activesync 4.0 or 4.1
  • Error Report
 Pocket Quicken Connect 
Version 2.56 (build 0085)
Sync starting at 4:45 23.10.2005
Communications failure - result code 3f8/19
this probably means that the device could not be found)
Sync finished at 4:45 23.1
  • E-Mailed Landware and wait

MultiIE 3.1 Southway Corp / z_rudy

  • Total loss of functionality with WM5.0's Pocket IE.
  • Contacted Southway Corporation Ltd. thru web site and e-mail, and no reply yet.

NetFront v3.2 Access Corp / ratazzi

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