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Buggy Microsoft Software on the BA WM5 Version

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Microsoft Internet Explorer (over Wifi) / MDAIIIUser

文件:IE Home.jpg

  • I went to my PM
  • opened a PM as I wanted to reply to it
  • Notice that I see no Reply button (Think it was here
  • This is what I got.

文件:IE Pm.jpg

Can somebody please upload a screenshots in jpg from a 1.40 version and pm me so that I can add them.

Remove the battery cuase the device not to see the Radio on restart / MDAIIIUser

  • I Removed the battery of a running WM5 device
  • I Replace the battery
  • I Power the device up
  • The bootloader screen comes up, I see None for Radio and Protocol
  • I get a connection error on load of the CE
  • Softreset of the device solves this issue

Softreset / MDAIIIUser

  • On softreset the time is set back to 01/09/2004 12:00 and not left as current
  • You also seem to lose your network passwords
  • If you have any messaging accounts other than hotmai or outlook then these disappear.
  • You get similar effects if you allow the battery to run down completely

Remote Display for Windows CE (v2.03) / ratazzi

  • Gives the following error: "The OS or CPU of this device is unknown to this application"
  • UPDATE: Workaround is to copy cerdisp2.exe from devices\wce400\armv4 on the desktop to \windows on the device. When running ASRdisp.exe on the desktop, ignore this error message.

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