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How to change the language of your devices OS

  • Step1:
  • Download the language pack you wish to install from the list below.
  • Step2:
  • Exract "Windows"-folder to \windows. Sometimes it won't work if you extract it directly to the \windows directory. In this case you have to extract it to another folder and copy it to \windows.
  • Step3:
  • Install the cab file.
  • Step4:
  • Set your device to stand by mode for about 10 Seconds
  • Turn it on again
  • Now Soft Reset your device
  • Step4 is necessary, otherwise registry changes through the installation of the CAB file will be deleted. This is due to the WM5 caching feature.

German language Pack by Buzz Lightyear

Czech language Pack by Buzz Lightyear

Dutch language Pack by Buzz Lightyear

French language Pack by Buzz Lightyear

Special thanks to Buzz and his community on and also to our community! You're great!

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