BA WM5 Patches ChangeLog

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WM5 Patches and Change Log

General Information

  1. This Page was copied from Mamaich Post under this Thread
  2. All Patches have been written based on the following WM5 File patched_2K5_no_check_for_signed_modules.rar, which is part of the How to upgrade to the WM5 5.1.1700 build 14343 ROM
    mamaich: "It is very annoying that OS checks the digital signature of all DLL/EXE files. I've uploaded a patched version that does not do that to patched_2K5_no_check_for_signed_modules.rar on FTP. It is nk.nbf file, replace the original file with it and reflash the device. This ROM version works a bit faster."
  3. All CAB files downloaded here will only work on the above patched ROM!
  4. They work on this WM5 5.1.170 build 14343 Rom Patch V3.1 with Extended Rom Rom too.
  5. After editing the registry you need to power off your device, wait several seconds (about 15) and soft reset. Otherwise changes would be lost!

Installation Instructions

  1. Download files based on link.
  2. Extract Cab file out of download.
  3. Copy to your Device.
  4. Execute by tapping on Cab File with filemanager.
  5. When you install CAB file and it asks you to reboot device - don't do this!
    Power down your device, wait a bit, power on and then reboot. Otherwise registry would not be updated.
  6. BTW Downloaded Files files may uninstall incorrectly.

Things to do with on your device

  1. Disable most sounds
  2. Disable error reporting on Control Panel
   Start -> Settings -> Tab:System -> Error Reporting -> Disable error reporting -> ok 


(1) Missing files and Registery entries

  1. Finally I've managed to make a backlight fix, I've taken FrontLight.Dll from 1.40 ROM and made a CAB-file that installs it and makes necessary registry changes. This CAB also contains registry fixes and missing EXE files.
  2. Added STK.exe and 2 bluetooth files provided by ramram (today icon and bt settings). STK is not working yet.
   Current Version ba_wm5_fix_v4.rar 

(2) Button Behavior Fix

  1. I don't like the default behavior of hardware buttons - the leftmost and rightmost are mapped to softkeys. I've attached the fix that restores the WM2003 behavior. Previous version was not working.
   Current Version Buttons_Fix_v2.rar  

(3) Camera fix Only for Users of a BA device with a Camera PH20B

  1. Attached the camera fix CAB. It is taken from old ROM and is not fully compatible with WM5.
   Current Version Camera2K5_v1.rar 

(4) Sound Fix Only for Users of a BA device with no Camera PH20B1

  1. dynastykai and rschell posted here that deleting hklm\drivers\builtin\camera and cameradriver registry keys would fix sound problems under SX66. I've attached a CAB file that would remove these keys
   Current Version remove_camera_reg_v1.rar 

(5) Album and MIDI ringtone support

  1. ramram made a CAB with album and MIDI ringtone support
   Current Version Album with midi.rar 

(6) Headset_Today.rar.

  1. It shows bluetooth headset mode on today screen.
   Current Version Headset_Today.rar 

(7) Wifi Fix

  1. brn2prgrm found a fix for WiFi connection dropping on resume from standby
   Current Version ba_wifi_fix.rar 

Removed Patches

  1. Nosound Fix. Nosound_Fix.rar
  2. Battery Drain Fix, mycpl.rar
  3. (mamaich: "this file is not needed. It causes crashes at random places.")

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