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Here is a little description how to make a backup of your existing ROM!!

This is a HTC_Magician specific.

Tools and Hardware equipment required:


romupdate.exe -->
ntrw.exe -->


SD-Card > 64 MB
SD-Card Reader/Writer

Note: The size of the resulting backup file corresponds to the size of the SD-Card (regardless of the actual size of the ROM data). For example if you use 2GB SD Card the backup file size will be 2GB as well.

  1. Uncheck the USB connection of active Sync on your PC
  2. Enter bootloader mode by simultaneously pressing power + camera buttons and at the same time the soft reset button with the stylus
  3. You will get a "Serial" on the display
  4. Connect your Magician to the USB-cable
  5. Insert the blank formatted SD-Card to th Magician
  6. Run "romupdate.exe" on your PC
  7. Choose the USB connection in the connection settings of romupdate.exe window and click on ok. After that a terminal window will popup in that window. If no USB connection is displayed in settings window, make sure that you unchecked USB connection in ActiveSync before.
  8. Type d2s and press enter. Your MDA will start copying the ROM to the sd card. The screen of your MDA will be dark (no light), but you will see it counting up to 100%. When it reaches 100% it will say it is calculating the checksum. Give it some time till its done and it will say checksum ok.
  9. Put your SD card into an SD card reader connected to your PC. Your PC might pop up a warning message that says your SD Card is not formatted would you like to format? Click No
  10. Open a Command prompt (DOS) window.
  11. Change directory to the place where you have located the ntrw.exe programm
  12. Run the command "ntrw read Backup.nb1 x:" (where x is the drive letter of your sd card). That command will create the ROM Backup file of your ROM into the current directory

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