BlueAngel WM5 For Beginners

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BlueAngel WM5 For Beginners

Hard and Soft Reset and screen types

  • How to Softreset a WM5 BA device*
    • Use the old way stylus in the bottom

文件:HTC Blueangel WM5 Softreset.jpg

  • How to Hardreset a WM5 BA device
    • Doing a hardreset is easy if you have 3 hands - softreset (see above) and then as soon as you see the Strips

文件:HTC Blueangel WM5 Bootloader.jpg

  • hold Camera and Record

文件:HTC Blueangel WM5 Bootloader2.jpg

  • Then you will be at the debugger screen

文件:HTC Blueangel WM5 Bootloader3.jpg

  • Navigation in the menu is done with camera and record buttons

文件:HTC Blueangel WM5 Bootloader4.jpg

  • reset registry and format built-in storage
“Enable KITL” must be NO
“Clean Registry Hive” must be YES
“Format Storage” must be YES
to exit press "mail" button

文件:HTC Blueangel WM5 MailButton.jpg
You will know if you have performed a hard reset if you are lead through the setup of your device section. All else is just a softreset.

How to Enter into BootLoader

  • Press and hold the "Power" & "Record" buttons, and then press the Reset Button until “Serial” shows on screen.

(One member reports that their Blue Angel shows "Serial" at the top and "V2.07" at the bottom.)

  • NOTE: The screen will not be backlit, so it may appear the phone is not in bootloader mode. Look carefully.

When the USB sync cable is inserted into the phone and the computer, "Serial" will change to "USB", provided that the phone detects the connection.

文件:HTC Blueangel WM5 Enter Bootloader.jpg

What is the 4 colored screen

  • Its the boot screen and will pass

What is this 4 colored screen with writing at the top

  • You have got yourself in the Hardreset boot screen and you are given the option to format storage, its in the upgrade so read it again

What is this white screen

  • You have just formated your storage or got out of the hardrest boot screen and it will go away, to be followed by the 4 colored screen


  • A ROM is something you download from your vendor’s website, or you can also download one from this site.
  • A complete Ship ROM contains the Windows Mobile operating system, Radio Stack and the Extended Rom.
  • ROM versions are numbered something like this: 1.22.167
  • A complete Ship ROM is called something like this: BA_WWE_DT_12200_167_10602_Ship.exe

Note: The numbering of ROM’s is Operator/Vendor independent, thus 1.31.000 is not necessarily newer or better than 1.22.167

To read more about upgrading or changing your ROM, see here: BA_Upgrade

Extended ROM

  • The Extended ROM is a data folder on your device that you by default can not see
  • It’s hidden because your not suppose to tamper with it
  • It contains programs and small upgrades that will install every time you reset your device
  • Most of the programs are put there by your telco, and also contains the telco logo's and settings
  • Files in the Extended ROM are put there depending on which ROM version you have installed
  • Extended ROM is included in the ROM upgrade file you download form you Operator/Vendor
  • A higher Extended ROM version does not mean it is better

You can however modify (or "cook" as we like to call it) your Extended ROM, see here for more info: Understanding Extended ROM

.CAB files

  • .cab files are files used to install programs
  • .cab files are similar to what you might know as .exe files from your PC
  • .cab files can be downloaded directly to your BA with Wifi or GPRS, you can also transfer them to your BA using File Explore on your PC
  • .cab files are not supposed to be unpacked/unzipped on the PC. Copy the intact .cab file as you downloaded it directly to your BA
  1. Put your BA in the cradle
  2. Make sure it’s connected via ActiveSync
  3. Open File Explorer
  4. Navigate to where your .cab file is stored on the PC
  5. Right click on the .cab file
  6. Chose Copy
  7. Navigate to your device in File Explorer
  8. Navigate to where you want to store it on your device, ie. \Storage or \Storage Card
  9. Now pick up your BA from the cradle
  10. Click Start -> Programs -> File Explorer
  11. Click 1 -> 2 -> 3 according to the image, if you saved it on the Storage Card
  12. 文件:Navigate FileExplorer.gif
  13. Locate your .cab file and click on it
  14. Installation will start, follow onscreen messages if any files will delete itself after installation (in most cases), so it is handy to keep a copy on you PC for later use

What is flashing a ROM?

  • Flashing a ROM is the process puting a new ROM on your device or other wise know as upgrading.

What is a Cooked ROM?

  • The term Cooked ROM means that the shipped Extended ROM has been modified with other files
  • Check The Extended ROM Kitchen for more information

What is a Baked ROM?

  • The term Baked Rom means that the original shipped complete rom (CE, Extended and radio) has been modified
  • A Baked rom could have a CE rom from one operator, a Radio stack from a second operator, an Extended rom from a third operator or even a "cooked" extended rom.

What are Type I and Type II ROMs?

A Type I ROM is a ROM that can be easily modified with the xda3nbftool.exe to match the Country Code or Language Code on your device so you can flash it.

A Type II ROM is a ROM that when used with the xda3nbftool.exe it will gererate a Header Error and thus can not be flashed by you (unless you are aware of certain tricks that you can read about on wiki)

What is the difference between the PDA2k (XDAIIs, Qtek 9090, SX66) and PDA2K EVDO (Sprint 6600/6601), Blueangel and Harrier

  • The PDA2k (Blue Angel: PH20B, PH20B1) is a GSM phone, with GPRS and wifi.
  • The PDA2k EVDO (Harrier: PH20A1, PH20A2) is a CDMA phone, with EVDO and no wifi.

Basically, you get the one that is right for your mobile service provider. In Canada, for instance, Rogers and Fido use GSM, and Telus uses CDMA.

Should I do a restore from backup after I have upgraded my rom to a new version?

Short version N0

Long Version; If you restore a backup after a rom upgrade you are going to downgrade your software to what you had before the upgrade. Thus do a rom upgrade, sync your outlook, re-install your applications, re set your local settings.
Yes you can do it another way but at the momment you are reading BlueAngel For Beginners.

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