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WordPress Version 2.7.1 was comprised of bug fixes.


See the list of tickets closed for 2.7.1

See the list of code changes for 2.7.1 (Changes from tags/2..7 at r10539 to tags/2.7.1 at r10539) --

  • Ticket 4632 Remove empty By: line for plugins without an author specified
  • Ticket 6058 Permalink box below Title shouldn't shift page
  • Ticket 6478 index.php file in the plugins folder makes the Dashboard fail
  • Ticket 6489 Revisions do not respect time zone offset
  • Ticket 7527 Inline Documentation for wp-admin/includes Files
  • Ticket 7789 Add new link fails silently
  • Ticket 8058 Please add get_previous_comments_link() and get_next_comments_link() functions.
  • Ticket 8317 New installs: admin has user_level 0
  • Ticket 8405 WordPress produces invalid comment feeds
  • Ticket 8494 XMLRPC returns category name instead of category description
  • Ticket 8526 Bad Preview Link In WordPress 2.7 With object-cache.php present
  • Ticket 8535 role capabilities/menu/user_can_access_admin_page()
  • Ticket 8548 Theme preview fails when theme in subdirectory
  • Ticket 8577 Attempts to use curl cause warnings on some hosts
  • Ticket 8580 Automatic plugin ftp value stored improperly if FTP failed. causing function to break for good
  • Ticket 8581 Tag not closed in theme editor when the file does not have a description
  • Ticket 8583 If you're using paged coments, 'first' is selected in the options and wp_list_comments is used, then the comment permalinks on the first page will be broken
  • Ticket 8605 POST-request, but content-length missing - 411
  • Ticket 8607 show_name docs say it defaults to 1, but it defaults to 0
  • Ticket 8609 Tag cloud order priority is broken
  • Ticket 8614 With wp_list_categories child categories not excluded when parents are excluded
  • Ticket 8626 Namespace missing in Atoms-Comments Feed
  • Ticket 8627 Emoticons count as links in comments
  • Ticket 8630 Wrong Paged Comments Logic
  • Ticket 8641 Improvements to is_ssl()
  • Ticket 8642 Canonical redirect of feed URLs with suffixes is wrong
  • Ticket 8645 edit link form typo
  • Ticket 8666 postbox-bg.gif is missing
  • Ticket 8672 XML RPC method bug in 2.7 in wp_newComment()
  • Ticket 8677 Right Now dashboard box needs a clearing break at the bottom
  • Ticket 8680 WP-Cron Inline Doc Corrections
  • Ticket 8682 Missing capability to override Walker_Cat*
  • Ticket 8684 Contributor level users can delete all spam
  • Ticket 8687 phpdoc updates for secret-key in pluggable.php
  • Ticket 8688 phpdoc updates for wp_generate_password
  • Ticket 8694 Word 2007 can't retrieve categories
  • Ticket 8700 selected argument doesn't work for none and all options in wp_dropdown_categories
  • Ticket 8707 php notices in debug mode for mass post edit
  • Ticket 8708 Remove paging information from Atom comment feed ids
  • Ticket 8715 wp_page_menu doesn't seem to get link_before link_after
  • Ticket 8721 attach logic is overenthusiastic: inserting a single item from Media Library sets post_parent of every item listed in Add Media overlay
  • Ticket 8724 WP reinstaller doesn't work
  • Ticket 8740 Pages do not respect Automatically close comments setting
  • Ticket 8745 language_attributes always check for 'xhtml', never for 'html'
  • Ticket 8750 'Draft Saved' current_time not reflecting timezone setting in the edit area
  • Ticket 8757 Upgrade or install 2.7 clean urls defect with magic quotes
  • Ticket 8767 Refactored filters to avoid potential XSS attacks
  • Ticket 8771 Distinguish between approved / unapproved comments in All Comments list for IE7
  • Ticket 8774 Backwards compatability for add_management_page inadvertently strips other URL params
  • Ticket 8784 Multiple categories in rss feed broken in wordpress 2.7
  • Ticket 8787 Error in URL checking in http.php
  • Ticket 8809 Active plugins table rows are not highlighted
  • Ticket 8810 Add white-space:nowrap to plugins table action links
  • Ticket 8812 javascript error in thickbox viewing updatable plugins (TB_WIDTH is undefined)
  • Ticket 8821 Error in function paginate_comments_links with permalinks
  • Ticket 8832 function get_categories() doesn't work properly when using child_of and number parameters
  • Ticket 8836 Add class to comment-reply-link to facilitate JS manipulation
  • Ticket 8848 ACP: fatal error when a plugin issues chdir()
  • Ticket 8869 Update Inline Documentation for get_gmt_from_date()
  • Ticket 8881 URL column in Edit Links removes www. from domains that end in www.
  • Ticket 8921 Gears install link should be available to every user
  • Ticket 8933 jQuery/Thickbox Issue IE7/8
  • Ticket 8944 MT import causes empty feed
  • Ticket 8945 Add class to edit_comment_link and edit_post_link
  • Ticket 8978 Drafts are published in the past
  • Ticket 8986 Regular expression syntax errors - missing preg pattern delimiters
  • Ticket 8988 When accessing admin dashboard over https the use of gravatars makes the security appear broken
  • Ticket 9033 Add a filter to the post states list

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