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This page wants to be a complete list of all HTC Pocket PC tools developed by, for or near XDA-developers. It's not yet complete though, so please search the forum also if you're looking for something.

  • XDAunlock, remove the SIMlock from your Wallaby
   Executable for PocketPC which removes the SIMlock from Wallaby phones, provided the phone is running a PPC 2002 (not WM2003) Operating System that is newer than version 3.16.43.
  • xda2unlock, remove the SIMLock from your Himalaya
   Executable for Windows 2000 or XP, which extracts the unlock code from your phone over USB.
  • BandSwitchTool, for Siemens SX56, tool to switch between european and US gsm bands.
   Collection of OSImageTool, FixBootloader and adaptROM, usually combined with 'Programme A' to make a complete solution for moving ROM images between Wallaby phones, bootloader SD-cards and hard disk.
   A specially made Wallaby ROM image, now somewhat older (based on the Qtek 3.16.52 ROM), which includes a lot of freeware tools and programs. Still the weapon of choice for unlocking a Wallaby with a ROM which will not run XDAunlock.
  • Mkrom: Tool to build custom ROMs
   Will create ROM images out of the component parts. Needs a unix or unix-like environment.
  • DumpRom: tool to extract files from ROM.

  • WallabyPatch: diagnostic sd card image to circumvent bootloader 5.17 protection.
  • xda2nbftool: tool for modifying Himalaya nbf upgrade files
  • XdaUtils: collection of desktop commandline tools to interact with WindowsCE.
  • ER2003Edit: a tool to edit the extended ROM portion of a Himalaya update