Disabling download history

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To disable the download history in Firefox:

  • Firefox 2 and above: Click "Tools -> Options -> Privacy / History" and uncheck "Remember what I've downloaded". (As an alternative, under "Privacy / Private Data" select "Always clear my private data when I close Firefox", then click the "Settings..." button and select "Download History" in the "Clear Private Data" window.)
  • Firefox 1.5: Click "Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> Download History" and select either "Upon successful download" or "When Firefox exits" from the "Remove files from the Download Manager" drop-down list.

To disable download logging in Mozilla Suite:

  1. Close the application
  2. Delete the contents of downloads.rdf in your profile folder
  3. Change the permissions on downloads.rdf to make it a read-only file.

Note: the above solution will not work in recent SeaMonkey versions because the read-only file attribute may change back to read-write [1] This happens on Windows XP systems because of bug 375778.