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This article lists common questions for advanced WordPress users, and refers you to articles that contain the answers. There is also a list of resources at Advanced Topics, which might be of help, and a list of resources specifically for Plugin, Theme, and Core WordPress developers at Developer Documentation.

Changing the Display of WordPress

Can I alphabetize my posts on the front page or in categories?

See Alphabetizing Posts.

Can I have a blog in a language other than English?

See WordPress in Your Language.

Alternate Uses of WordPress

Can WordPress power multiple blogs?

See Installing Multiple Blogs.

Can I use WordPress as a Content Management System?

See WordPress as CMS

Can WordPress power group/collective blogs?

Many users can register and participate on a WordPress blog. You can even assign them different privileges ("User Levels"), so there can be "administrators" and simple "contributors". For more information see User Levels.

Miscellaneous Advanced Topics

Will my WordPress blog show up in search engines?

See Search Engine Optimization for WordPress.

How do you get cruft free URIs for search results?

To return clean URIs for search results in WordPress from the search form (www.example.com/search/searchterms instead of www.example.com/?s=searchterms)

First create a file called search.php which contains:

<?php header('Location: http://www.example.com/search/' . $_GET['s']); ?>

Put that file in the root of your WordPress install and alter the action for the search form to this:

action="<?php bloginfo('url'); ?>/search.php"

See also:

Can I get my profile information as an FOAF file?

See Binary Relations’ FOAF output from WordPress

How do I get .phps files to show up in colored text on my server?

If you want to have your server display .phps files in color like this updatelinkroll.phps at carthik.net, add the following line to your .htaccess file in the server root directory. This assumes your server is Apache and that you have the ability to add types in .htaccess

AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps

How can I do a bulk edit of the Status field for all the posts in my database?

Use the following SQL commands to change the post_status for every post in your wp_posts database table. This command will do the bulk change and exclude Pages from being changed--remember to replace STATUS with draft, private, or publish.

UPDATE wp_posts  SET post_status = 'STATUS' WHERE post_status != 'static';

If you have multiple authors and only want to do a bulk edit of just one author's post, you can use the following command, but remember to replace NUMBER with the correct ID number of the post_author.

 UPDATE wp_posts SET post_status='STATUS' WHERE post_author='NUMBER';

See also:

How to create a link in my header that links to a URL

This solution assumes creating a Page causes a link to be put in your header.

Install and activate the plugin called Redirectifiy. Create a Page called Wiki and save that Page. Then do Manage->Pages and edit that Page and add the Custom Field with a 'key' of redirect and URL to your Wiki in the value. (That last edit of page is necessary to overcome a bug where you can't assign Custom Fields to a new page, but you can do it when you edit the page.)

How WordPress Processes Entry Text

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