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These FAQs have been deprecated. You will find the new updated Frequently Asked Questions on the new pages for the FAQ.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

The following are most most frequently asked questions about installing, configuring, and modifying WordPress. This is an ever evolving list as the program changes. If you have the question, and the links for the answer, please add it where you feel it is appropriate.

The specific answers to the frequently asked questions are found on the following pages, if you are in a hurry:


How do I install WordPress?

How do I find a good host for my WordPress blog?

How do I install using CPanel / CPanel X?

Do I need to create a database ?

How do I configure the 'wp-config' file?

I get a 403 error when trying to see my site!

Can I rename the WordPress folder?

Which files should I delete after installing ?

How can I reset my password?

Why is my upload directory "C:apachehtdocswordpressimages"?

How can I get WordPress to use my language?

Installing on Windows 2000?

Advanced Installation

How can I install WordPress with the files into two different directories?

How can I have my blog in one folder but my index at root

How can I have people see my blog at www.example.com but keep all the files in www.example.com/wordpress

How can I hide my blog from people?


Can my posts have titles instead of /index.php?p=76?

How can I find out if I have mod_rewrite?

How do I change file and folder permissions?

Multiple Blogs/CMS

Can WordPress power multiple blogs?


How do I FTP?

How do I use Filezilla?

How do I upload the files and folders?

How do I CHMOD files?


Do I really need MySQL?

Can I use a database other than MySQL?

Why does WordPress use MySQL?


What is phpMyAdmin?

Will Wordpress run in PHP Safe Mode?

Do I really need PHP?

How do I find out which version of PHP I have


How can I import posts from my current weblog which uses a different blogging tool?

Importing from b2

Importing from MT

Importing from Blogger

Importing from Text Pattern

Importing from other blogging software


What should I do when I want to upgrade WordPress to the latest version?

I'm upgrading to 1.5BETA from 1.2 - what do I really need to know and do?

How do I back up my database?

How do I restore my database?


How can I change what appears between categories when I post in more than one?

Why are all the comments being moderated?

How can I change how the date and / or time is displayed?

How can I control comments people make?

What do the 'Discussion Options mean?

How do I stop people posting HTML in comments?

How do I change the 'site admin' name?

How do I find the absolute path I need for uploading images?

Which files do I change to alter the way my blog looks?

Can I have popup comments?

How do I upload images?

How do I install plugins?

Spammers Spamming Comments

What can I do to stop comment spam?

More Information on Comment Spam

What Spam words do I need?

Why are all the comments being moderated?


Can I change the Smilies?

How do I edit files?

What is 'The Loop'?

How can I change the URL-structure for my posts?

How can I change URL-structure for my posts on a Windows server?

How do I use WordPress Template Tags to change what is displayed on the blog?

How can I add an image to my RSS feed?

How can I stop my own comments being mailed to me?

If I turn off comments, it says "Comments Off" on the weblog. How do I change that?

How do I change what is shown when I password protect a post?

How can I allow certain HTML tags in my comments?


I'm having trouble with my CSS. Where can I find help?

Where can I get some buttons for my site?

How can I different styles or colours for my comments?

How do I change the size of the popup comments window?

How do I show the excerpts of articles on the weblog homepage?

How do I make it so that only a couple of lines are shown and someone clicks something to show them the rest?

How do I customise the text shown in "(more.....)" on my weblog?

Where can I find some other templates to use for styling my blog?

How do I change the way my menu links are listed?

How can I get my categories to display in the order I want?

How do I get rid of the bullet points next to my links?

How can I create horizontal menus?

Which CSS Selectors does WordPress use by default?

Where should I look for more information on CSS?


Are there are any problems with using MySQL 4.1.7 for WordPress?

I need help with some CSS problems I'm having. Where can I find help?

I can't see my posts. All I do see is "Sorry, no posts match your criteria". Why is this so?

Why does the password emailed to me look weird?

Why do I get an error message about "Sending Referrers"?

How do I empty a database table?

How do I fix the following error: SQL/DB Error: errcode 13 Can't create/write to file?

How do I fix the following error: SQL/DB Error: Got error 28 from table handler?

How do I solve the "Headers already sent" warning problem?

Why can't I see the Quicktag buttons when using Apple's Safari browser?

Users trying to register or change their passwords aren't being e-mailed their passwords.


Can WordPress power group/collective blogs?

Where can I find more about the functions and how they relate to each other ?

What is CVS?

Okay, so I've got 1.5final installed, but what's going to be in 1.6?

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