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This Conditional Tag checks if a post type exists by passing a post type name an argument. This is a boolean function and uses a global $wp_post_types variable for checking the post type existence, meaning it returns either TRUE if the post type exists or FALSE if it doesn't exist. The post type must be a registered post type.


%%%<?php post_type_exists( $post_type ); ?>%%%


(string) (required) Post type.
Default: Nonenoinclude

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This template is for standardizing how parameters look in the Function Reference and in Template Tags. Here is an example of this template being called: prenowiki检查到模板循环:模板:Parameter/nowiki/pre 检查到模板循环:模板:Parameter

The usage of this template is below: prenowiki检查到模板循环:模板:Parameter/nowiki/pre Let's take a closer look at the parameters..

The name of the parameter.
The datatype that should be given for this parameter when called.
  • string
  • integer
  • boolean
  • mixed
A short description of the parameter.
Set this parameter to optional if the parameter is optional. Otherwise, do not declare this parameter—it defaults to required.
  • required
  • optional
If this parameter is optional, ttdefault/tt is the value that will be used if the parameter is not declared. /div /noinclude

Return Value

True on success, false on failure.


if ( post_type_exists( 'book' ) ) {
   echo 'the Book post type exists';
$exists = post_type_exists( 'post' );
// returns true
$exists = post_type_exists( 'page' );
// returns true
$exists = post_type_exists( 'book' );
// returns true if book is a registered post type
$exists = post_type_exists( 'xyz' );
// returns false if xyz is not a registered post type

Change Log

Source File

post_type_exists() is located in onlyincludecodewp-includes/post.php/code/onlyinclude

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Template Description

Link to the source code on


  1. filename
  2. (option) path to codetag/code (version) or codetrunk/code. This option is only used for a new /Default: codetrunk/code -- trunk is the latest bleeding edge development version of WordPress.


Link to the stable version: pre检查到模板循环:模板:Trac/pre

Link to trunk: pre检查到模板循环:模板:Trac/pre




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This Template is used by Codex:Template Messages.


pre 检查到模板循环:模板:Message /pre