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The application GetDeviceData.exe retrieves the current configuration of your device, and is a necessary tool for every upgrade or change you make.

NOTE: Before any upgrade, run this tool and save the results!

How do I find out what my device is before upgrading?

In order to change your ROM to a higher or different language version you need the following information.

  1. What is my Model Number?
  2. What is the Language Code of my *Shipped* ROM?
  3. What is the Operator Code of my Device?
  4. What ROM version do I have now?
  5. What ExtendedRom version do I have now?
  6. What is my Radio Version?

How to find all of this information in one place.

  1. Insure that your device is connected to your Desktop
  2. Download GetDeviceData.exe to your desktop
  3. Copy GetDeviceData.exe from your desktop to your device
    \Windows\Start Menu\Programs\XDA-Tools\GetDeviceData.exe
  4. Run GetDeviceData.exe
    Do not expect to see anything apart from the Icon turning blue.
    It will create a file called DeviceData.txt in \windows on your PDA.
    Warning This is a 3k file and if opened on your device it will truncate after the first word.
    The file has blanks and unprintable characters in it.
    If you open it with notepad you might not see the whole content but notice the scroll bar at bottom.
  5. From you desktop, connect to your device via your file explorer to find
    sort by date it will be the first or last
  6. Copy (drag) this file to your desktop and open it with Notepad
  7. Edit out the double blanks as well as unprintable characters.
    Tip For large areas: Move to the end of the last letter, add a blank,
    Holding down the Ctrl & Shift Press the ->, (This highlights to the right of next word)
    Still Holding down the Ctrl & Shift Press the <- (This highlights to the left of next word)
    now hit Del to delete the highlight.
    Tip by TB_TB Use a Find->Replace... dialog, into 'What' type two spaces, in 'With' field input
    one space, click 'Replace all' button a couple of times.

Understanding the DeviceData.txt

My current Devicedata reads: PH20B 0 B GER R T-MOB101 1.12.00 0 0 1.12.100 1.02.00 02.00

  • Model No: PH2OB
  • Minor version Model No: O B
  • Language Code: GER (German) This is the also MY shipped Language Code)
  • Minor: R
  • Operator code: T-MOB101
  • This is the code of how your device was sold as, not what SIM you are using.
  • ROM Version: 1.12.00
  • Minor: 0 0
  • Extended ROM version: 1.12.100
  • Radio Version 1.02.00
  • Minor: 02.00
  • Warning* This is the status that you have at this moment.
If you have performed an upgrade this does not reflect the shipped status
For upgrades you *MUST* know what your Shipped Language code was

How do I find this information on my device?

All of this info apart form the Operator code can be seen in "Device Information" Menu:Start > Settings > TAB:System > Icon:Device Information > TAB:Identity >TAB:Hardware The Shipped Language code only you know (for example: WWE/GER/ESP etc).


List of know Blue angel, sold as, Model ID, Operator code etc