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Himalaya WM5 ROM ported to Blueangel

Mamaich has ported Himalaya's WM5 to the Blueangel devices. It is generally faster and more stable than then previous versions, so it is highly recommended to use this. Original thread

Upgrade process

  1. Read This for resizing your storage to 60 MB (step 6)
  2. Download the ROM from here
  3. Download GetDeviceData. Copy to your device, run it, then copy \Windows\DeviceData.txt to your PC.
  4. Download EditFix.bat and XDA3NbfTool. Patch your ROM with the data in DeviceData.txt -- read EditFix.bat for the how-to. (if you are only updating nk.nbf, you may see ms_.nbf: No such file or directory, or radio_.nbf: No such file or directory - that is OK)
  5. Put your device into bootloader mode ( old guide, steps 7 and 8 ).
  6. Flash the ROM.
  7. Do a WM5 hard reset as described in the old guide, step 11.

Camera Fix

If you find your camera rotated 90° (and probably you will...), install the camera patch then run \Windows\Camera.exe for the camera or create a shortcut about it and put it to \Windows\Start Menu\Programs, and overwrite the existing camera shortcut (as it is no longer working, just shows you the Pictures application).

Backlight fix

By default, you can not adjust the backlight. But with some patching, you will be able to.

Method 1:

Download this file: Open it on your Pocket PC. If it asks you to click continue to reboot, or cancel, click cancel. Turn off the device and wait for 15 seconds, then perform a soft-reset.(This also fixes the keyboard backlight)

Method 2:

Manual patching

  1. Download the patch
  2. Extract it.
  3. Extract FRONTL~1.005 from BA_WM5_FIX.CAB, then rename it to fl.dll
  4. Copy fl.dll to your device, into \Windows
  5. Get a registry editor, such as TascalRegedit or PHM regedit
  6. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\Frontlight\ and change the value of "Dll" to fl.dll
  7. Turn off your device, wait a few seconds then do a soft reset. Now you are able to adjust the backlight.

Found a thread where Mamaich posted a patched Wlan_Service.dll to remove those stupid icons. just download and copy the dll to windows directory (courtesy Tikerz) fix

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