HTC Blueangel WM5 WizardPort v1.3-TuMa

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HTC Wizard WM5 ROM ported to Blue Angel devices

Version: Wizard Port v1.3-TuMa

Notes: Upgraded version of Wizard Port v1.2-TuMa - Currently the latest and the best one

Tuatara has edited and now updated Mamaich's Wizard-to-BlueAngel ROM, discussion is here.

Standard disclaimer applies here as well; don't use this if you don't know what you are doing because it is possible to screw up your device.

Here are the advantages and features of the new ROM:

  1. Speed: This ROM includes several performance tweaks and is noticeably faster than the previous ones
  2. Stability: Nothing really new here, it is as stable as the previous one
  3. Working MIDlet manager
  4. Midi and MP3 ringtone support
  5. DirectX mobile/Direct3D mobile (XScale-optimized 3D driver)
  6. Built-in Cyberon voice-dial
  7. Wizard's battery indicator, Device Lock, Screen Rotate, PSShutXP on the today screen
  8. Battery bar on the taskbar
  9. Some cosmetic changes
  10. 32 Mb RAM disk as "Temp Disk"
  11. A bit different looking fonts
  12. Less keyboard lag
  13. Core Applications entirely contained in the ROM - Additional CABs not required
  14. Visible Extended ROM
  15. Quantum Timing (Thread Switching) set to 25ms timeslice (performance boost)
  16. Filesystem Performance improved (maximized), while still retaining reliability
  17. Notification and Phone Ring Time Improved (*MUST USE xxx.WAV FILES!!!*)
  18. Numerous other OS Level Performance Tweaks and Improvements
  19. Useful Applications added to Startup Folder (easily disabled)
  20. Fixed Voice Command Registry Bug. Now you can remap the button as desired without registry hacking.
  21. Converted all Standard/Default Ring Tones to be WAV files for FAST Ring Times (with maximum volume)
  22. Fixed the Arcsoft MMS CABs to put the media files into the correct/best folders (avoid Ringtone issues, etc.)
  23. Fixed the HTC Camera CABs to NOT reset the MMS Manager DLL Entries if a different MMS Manager is used in future
  24. Added the Ramdisk version of the Camera CAB for those who want to use it (must edit your EXTROM)
  25. Fixed a Spelling and Versioning mistake in the v1.2 ROM

Here are the current, unsolved bugs of this ROM so far:

  1. Bluetooth disconnect bug is still there, profiles are not tested, and may be broken.
  2. The device cannot be used as an IR/USB modem (untested)
  3. Voice Command BT Headset Dial (by renaming voicecmd.exe to sddialer.exe) does not work (untested)
  4. Speaker Phone Icon Still Remains on screen after end of call (Possibly Fixed See Below)

Installation instructions

  1. If you are upgrading from WM2003SE, read This for resizing your storage to 60 MB (step 6) - If you don't want to do this, you'll still have 43 MB of Storage memory and a 16 MB Extended ROM where you can Install applications too
  2. Download the ROM from here
  3. Download GetDeviceData. Copy to your device, run it, then copy \Windows\DeviceData.txt to your PC.
  4. Download EditFix.bat and XDA3NbfTool. Patch your ROM with the data in DeviceData.txt -- read EditFix.bat for the how-to. (if you are only updating nk.nbf, you may see ms_.nbf: No such file or directory, or radio_.nbf: No such file or directory - that is OK)
  5. Create "EXTROM" foder on your storage card, copy there the contents of EXTROM folder from this archive. The full name of this directory on your device should be "\Storage Card\EXTROM".
  6. Put your device into bootloader mode ( How-to here). It is not always necessary, but some users used to have problems with upgrading if they did not enter the bootloder mode manually.
  7. Flash the ROM.
    • If your device is not recognized, make sure you use a fresh Windows XP SP2 or Windows 2000 SP4 installation with Active Sync 4.1.
    • Removing the SD Card may help, too
  8. IMPORTANT: Do a WM5 hard reset. ( How-to here)
  9. Boot. During the first boot the CAB-files from "EXTROM" folder would be installed. They are unsigned, so you should press "yes" when asked, and install them to the default folder. This process would be silent on newer builds of this ROM.

Note for modifying the EXTROM folder:

All CAB-files should have read-only attribute set. Otherwise they would be deleted after installation. This would be fixed in the future releases. And Config.txt is renamed to Cfg.txt.

CAB files:

  • - Installs the Java Midlet Manager
  • - Installs the Arcsoft MMS Composer (NOTE: You must create an account)
  • HTC - Installs the HTC Camera and updates MMS for Camera operation
  • HTC - This is an additional .cab file, this can be installed onto the RAMdisk ("Temp Disk")

Solution to bugs

I can not see MMS

  • Check that you have "MMS Configuration ..." available in your Outlook Menu.
    If you don't then something has seriously gone wrong. Did you install the "" file through the EXTROM or manually? If not - do so now. MMS is NOT available in the Base ROM.
  • Click it, and just ensure that it comes up and is active. The about should say "MMS Composer Version"
  • Click ok and close it.
  • Menu -> Tools -> New Account
  • Enter "" as your email (doesn't matter what). Click Next.
  • Detect settings ... wait ... Click Next.
  • Enter a username "mms" will do. Click Next.
  • Select "MMS" as the Account Type. Click Next.
  • Incoming Server "mms", Outgoing Server "mms". Click Finish.
  • Finally ... click "NO" to not download mail for this account.
  • Now go back to Menu -> "MMS Configuration ..." -> Servers
  • Edit and modify the "Sample Server" to your required settings ... (which I can't help you with)
  • Presto ... you now have an MMS account.

<<<<<<< Your version

Speaker Phone Icon Still Remains on screen after end of call fix

Benpo found that removing the handsfree.lnk from startup folder (and soft-reseting) seems to solve the handsfree icon problem with TuMa 1.3 ROM. After I did it, the icon disappears when I'm pressing the green button again and holding it for 2-3 sec during phone conversation, and when I'm hanging up at the end of the conversation. >>>>>>> Other version <<< -what's this??

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