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HTC Niki (Nike)

HTC P5500 / HTC P5520 / HTC Touch Dual / Orange & HTC Touch Dual / SFR & HTC Touch Dual / Swisscom & HTC Touch Dual / Vodafone & HTC Touch Dual / Dopod S600 / T-Mobile MDA Touch Plus / O2 Xda Star / EMobile Emonster Lite S12HT

HTC Niki specifications and comparison

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Keep finger on the Red (Call End) button and it will bring up some options including keylock. Thanks to ln1234

  • Soft reset
    • The recommended method to soft reset the Niki is to hold on/off button on the top of the device for three seconds and tap 'Yes' to shut down the device. The user must then restart the device by holding the on/off button until the device starts.

If the device is not responding to input, there is a physical, recessed soft reset button just to the left of the USB port on the left of the device. To activate it, the user must remove the rear cover of the device and press the button with the stylus. The device will immediately restart. Unsaved documents and registry settings may not be preserved upon restart. Alternately, the battery may be removed and replaced, but this is the method of last resort.

  • Hard reset
    • A hard reset restores the Niki to factory settings. All programs installed and setting changes made after initial setup will be deleted. A hard reset does not affect any storage cards in the device.

To hard reset a Niki device from Windows, click Start, then "Settings", then the "System" tab and click "Clear Storage". Type the number sequence "1234" into the confirmation box and tap the "YES" button. The device will reboot and be reset to factory settings.

To perform a hard reset on a device that is not responding to input or not booting to Windows, first remove the back cover of the device. Hold the "call" and "end call" keys on the front of the device and reset the device by sticking the stylus into the small hole to the left side of the USB port. The device will ask for confirmation. To confirm, press the "Enter" key on the keypad. On some devices you need to press the "Action" key instead of "Enter".

The device will reboot and be reset to factory settings.

  • Niki button / key combinations
    • Screen alignment

To jump straight into the Niki screen alignment utility, press the Enter button (centre button) and the Camera button together.

  • Enter in bootloader
    • This procedure is just for entering bootloader mode just like all other devices (pressing some hardware buttons and reset):
    • Remove back cover.
    • Hold camera and power buttons.
    • Press reset with your stylus (little button to the right of USB port).
  • SD Card Flashing

(First and foremost HARDSPL your phone)

  1. Get micro SD card of 2gb or less and format in fat32.
  2. Get Image file in NBH format and rename to NIKEIMG.NBH.
  3. copy to card, you can use a card reader for this.
  4. restart phone in bootloader and press start to begin.


  • Remove delay in call termination
    • gfreek wrote about this problem in the Tips&Tricks topic in the forums. He had a problem that when he end the call that there was a annoying little delay of about 3 seconds before the call was actually ended.
    • He found the following sollution in the registry:
      • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\PHONE\PhoneExtendSetting
      • And he changed the value of EndCallTime from 3000 to 1000 re-booted and voila no more delays when ending calls.

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