HTC Universal

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Dopod 900 / Qtek 9000 / SFR v1640 / Vodafone v1640 / Vodafone VPA IV / T-Mobile MDA Pro / i-mate JASJAR / O2 Xda Exec / Orange SPV M5000 / Grundig GR980 / E-Plus PDA IV


  • Intel PXA270 520Mhz
  • 2 x 32M infineon ram chips HYB18L256160bf-7.5 (and room for 2 more, however the extra cannot be recognised - yet)
  • Xilinx cpld 2c128 programmable logic
  • Samsung 32M ram + 32M flash k5d5657acm
  • 128M M-systems DiskOnChip G3 md4331 and G4 (link needed)
  • Qualcomm msm6250 chipset
  • TI tnetw1100bg
  • Antennas Amphenol MHC-H196 - this is a pdf of the connector on the circuit board The adaptor can be found here Product Part #: 356808 - Wilson Cellular Cell Phone Antenna Adapter Cable


  • Intel Bulverde 520MHz CPU
  • Flash ROM: 128 MB, RAM: 64 MB SDRAM
  • SDIO/MMC card slot
  • Tri-Band GSM/GPRS (900/1800/1900) + WCDMA(UMTS) (2100MHz)
  • GPRS class B Multi-slot standard class 10 PBCCH MO/MT SMS over GPRS
  • 62 keys QWerty Keyboard
  • 1.3 MP Camera CMOS and 300k P front-face camera
  • 3.7" VGA Screen (64k-color 640x480 Transflective TFT)
  • Mini-USB connector, USB charging(slow), USB 2.0
  • Infrared IrDA FIR
  • Bluetooth Compliant with v1.2 Class 2 transmit power
  • WiFi 802.11b IEEE 802.11b compliant, Internal Antenna, 11, 5.5, 2 and 1 Mbps per channel, 64-, 128- bit WEP & WPA standard data encryption

Comparison Table of all Universal clones

Comparison Table: Vodafone v1640, T-Mobile MDA Pro,Dopod 900, O2 XDA Exec,I-Mate JASJAR, Orange SPV M5000,Qtek 9000

FTP Uploads Folder


Universal For Beginners

This is an introduction to the basic questions asked commonly on the forums from newbies and first time posters.

  • How to improve the speed
    • Remove AntiVirus
    • Disable Error Reporting
    • Disable receive all beams
    • Remove memory readers of SD card
    • Install all applications that you use on the today screen to device
    • Remove all icons that look at the sd card for their picture
    • Do not put pocket skype icon anywhere visible, it is a known really really slow bug
    • If you dont use video call methods, use the original simple phone skin (details are available on wiki)
    • Look at your SPB application, and ensure that you are using what you need... I found I the extras of spb slow it down, the basic today plug in is fast
    • Look at anything else in your startup, ensure you dont have double ups
    • Look at how much data you are synchronising by referring to your .vol file in the root directory of your folder system
  • How to use my device
    • Does activesync want to keep starting up in the background when you didnt know about it? well this program eats up your memory and can be easily fixed go into AS and create a fake server (put any values) then after creating it..reclick options and go into schedule and change the settings to manual sync and check the roam box as well.
  • Things to remember and continuously check
    • The "sddaemon.lnk" file found on the "Start Up" folder can be safely deleted and retain the proper functions of "Voice Dial or Voice Command". If you opted to keep it in place, you have to continuously monitor that file in the "Notification" folder because every soft reset you make, it adds another copy of itself. Thus cluttering and taking up your precious memory.

Screen Resolutions

Thanks to the TehPenguin who posted this here


The Universal's screen is made up of 640 by 480 pixels (ie VGA)

However, Windows Mobile is made for QVGA (ie Quarter VGA, or 320 by 240) screens

So, our devices run in QVGA mode (also known as 96dpi(dpi=dots (ie pixels) per inch)) by standard, by making every 4 "hardware" pixels display one "software" pixel (hence making the VGA screen run at QVGA resolution)

So, to show you the common resolutions for the HTC Universal:

DPI Resolution Resolution Name Hardware to Software Pixel Ratio
96 320x240 QVGA 4:1
128 512x384 ??? 9:4
192 640x480 VGA 1:1

RealVGA, OzVGA, etc

RealVGA is a piece of software that allows our PDA's to run at the three above resolutions OzVGa was an older program that allowed the Universal to run at VGA or QVGA, though it had many issues (since it was designed for WM2003, and never updated)

Why bother with a VGA screen?

Certain apps support "High Resolution" (ie VGA) mode, for instance Pocket IE (on WM6)

Also, using multiple hardware pixels per software pixels allows for antialiasing

What resolution is the best?

Personally I prefer the higher resolutions (128dpi looks good, 192dpi is a little too small); however, there are a couple of problems. Firstly, due to poor programming, some applications (especially those that come with WM6 in the settings menu) don't scale their text properly, leading to missing text on higher resolutions. Secondly, I'm short-sighted so I need the bigger buttons\font :P

My advice to you is just to try the other resolutions. It does no harm to the device, and you can revert it to the default (or a different resolution) by using the RealVGA program again (so no danger of getting "stuck" in a resolution)

Identifying G3 and G4 devices; and their differences

The easiest way to identify the difference is the Bootloader version:

  1. Get into your bootloader (Power Button + Light Button + Reset Button)
  2. The number at the bottom of the screen is the bootloader version
    1. xx (eg 0.60) is G3, with an old Bootloader, you should upgrade the bootloader
    2. xx is G3
    3. xx is G4
  3. To exit the bootloader, just soft reset the device

What is the difference between G3 and G4?

The G3 and G4 is to do with memory management of Universal itself and not the SD.

Recently, one of the ROM cooker @anonymous came up with the Flash Disk in the Universal and not SD for the G3 devices. The Flash Disk is the difference of 64MB of Universal minus the ROM and software cooked by the ROM cooker.

Other than the Bootloader versions, here are the main differences: Please help fill this list!


  • Is newer
  • Can overclock better
  • Slightly dimmer backlight


Hardware and Accessories


  Read this section first, as it will explain:

Problems (Read here before posting on Forum)

  • See also Upgrading the section above
  • Problems

Hacks & Tweaks

Universal Registry Tweaks

Xanadux / Development / Linux / Android support