HTC Voyager

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HTC Voyager

Qtek 8060 / Qtek 8080 / Dopod 535 / O2 Xphone / i-mate SP2 / Orange SPV E200 / Krome Intellekt iQ200 / Eurotel Smartphone / Smart Amazing Phone 2

This phone is the third smartphone model from htc after the Canary and Tanager.

Brief Description

Release Date: January, 2004; 120.4x49.4x23.8mm, 130g, Windows Mobile 2003 for Smartphone , 32bit Texas Instruments OMAP 710 @ 132MHz, 32MB ROM / 64MB RAM, 2.2" color transflective TFT display, 65536 scales, 176x220pixel, cellular GSM, GPRS, Bluetooth, MMC, SD, Built-in numeric phone keyboard, 0.3 megapixel main camera, 1100mAh Lithium-ion battery

HTC_Voyager clones

howto decode nbf

xda2nbftool -x NK.nbf 0x16003520 ignore the warning about a possible incorrect password.

rom layout

00000000-00040000 bootloader code, relocated to ram at 10078000
00040000-00090000 empty ( filled with 0xff )
00090000-00090080 some version info
00090080-000a0000 empty ( filled with 0xff )
000a0000-000b2e88 'logo'
000b2e88-00100000 empty ( filled with 0xff )
00100000-005e0000 xip region 'OEM' - relocated to 80000000
005e0000-006f8000 empty ( filled with 0xff )
006f8000-00700000 xipchain
00700000-00900000 gsm rom ???
00900000-01520000 xip region 'SMARTFON' - relocated to 82040000
01520000-015c0000 empty ( filled with 0xff )
015c0000-01640000 xip region 'OPERATOR' - relocated to 82d00000
01640000-01900000 xip region 'LANG' - relocated to 82d80000
01900000-01940000 empty ( filled with 0xff )
01940000-01c00000 xip region 'BUNDLEAPPS'- relocated to 83080000
01c00000-01fc0000 empty ( filled with 0xff ) can partially extract this rom. note: the decompression code is somewhat unstable, and crashes every once in a while. have to look into this.

to be able to extract the romfiles with dumprom, you have to split the file into parts that don't have discontinuities in their addressing space ( or put another way, in parts that have linear addressing ):

00000000-00100000 virtual offset 10078000
00100000-00900000 virtual offset 7ff00000, or 00100000 translates to 80000000
00900000-02000000 virtual offset = 81740000, or 00900000 translates to 82040000

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