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Helmi Rom AKU2.6 - Older OS Built but more compability (MS Voice Commander for example))

The Helmi Blue Angel ROM is built on WM5 AKU2.6

It was created by Helmi Almusalli building upon all of the great work done by many others. Big thanks to MAMAICH and also Bepe, Lt.Cmdr.Ivan, MicMeo, Midget_1990, xplode, Black6spdZ, Xdaradar, thingonaspring, odie3, imatrix, spkr4thdd, Brazilian Joe, efjay, motisu... geez to much to mention, cos so many people involved with this rom...thanks guys...

Remember this is an Older version of AKU, so PIM backup might not work, if u downgrade from AKU3.xx rom...

Forum Discussion on 1.1.2

CHECK THE FORUM DISCUSSION ABOVE BEFORE PERFORMING THE UPDATE, as changes show up there before the wiki is updated. The links/info below may become outdated.

Version History


  • Fixed Included In this Release:
  • Mamaich Paging Pool patch 16mb/32mb
  • Modem link added to ROM with bt set at COM6.
  • Audiogateway Registry Fix
  • Wifi & Bluetooth Coexistentcy.
  • Ability to save everywhere with Pocket Excel
  • Smart Dial v2.2 is added to ROM. (if u dont use it just disable it)
  • Flight Mode, Task Manager, WM5 New Menu, WM5 Storage, & USB Mode Switch added to extras folder.
  • StartUp Manager by Baniazek
  • Use ace_ddi as video driver (Landscape & Portrait fully supported but gif file wont show in PIE, use D3D_Driver driver to support gif with PIE but Landscape mode will need to re-align after soft reset)
  • .NET Fix included
  • Transcriber included.
  • Limitation/Still Not fixed.
  • CommManager Didn't fully Manage wifi still need to turn on wifi with Wlan manager (wifi tray icon) first.
  • WModem Didnt work.

Recommended Fixes for 1.1.2: PowerManagementPatch


  1. Preparation of the internal memory (Optional, but recommended)
    Since Helmi's ROM uses the SD card are you extended ROM during the installation, you have the great feature of having 16 MB extra storage capacity on your BA.
    If you plan to easily revert back to WM2003 or you don't want those extra MBs on your BA, skip the next steps.
    If you are already running a WM2005, you can check if you have already 60 Mb of Storage space by following these steps:
    • Goto Start -> Settings and click on "Memory"
    • If the total memory under "Storage" shows around 60 Mb you have already the maximum space. Then skip the next steps and continue with "Preparation of the EXTROM Folder".
    • If the total memory under "Storage" shows around 48 Mb, you have a change to get some extra storage space, but you will first need to revert back to WM2003, then run the tools below as mentioned below and finally install WM2005.
    Expanding the Storage memory:
    • Download ftp://xda:xda@ftp.xda-developers.com/BlueAngel/BA_WM5/Tools/xda-developers_Unlocker.CAB
    • Download ftp://xda:xda@ftp.xda-developers.com/BlueAngel/BA_WM5/Tools/Repart_DOC.exe
    • place both of them somewhere on your BA. For example in \temp but anywhere is fine. All the command below are to be executed on your BA, not on your PC
    • install xda-developers_Unlocker.CAB by tapping on it in filemanger (from the directory where you put it earlier)
    • then go to start -> Programs -> ExtROM tools -> then first run "unhide", then "Unlock". Do a soft reset.
    • Once your BA is restarted, now locate the Repart_DOC.exe file with your filemanager and start it.
    • Set size of Extended ROM to 128 kb (which is already the default)
    • Press "Format now!" and wait until it is done (A few seconds). You will see a message that it is done. (You will get an error message about your storage, just press yes and wait a few seconds.)
    • Soft reset your BA
    Now you have those extra MBs.
    1. If you wish, you can modify cfg.txt to not install certain ROMs. See the EXTROM section below for details on what the cab installers do.
    2. Configure customisation
      • If you from middle east remove OPERATOR directory and AutoConfig.CAB
    • Elsewhere delete Middle_East_~GprsAutoConfig_WWE.CAB
    1. If you wish, you can modify cfg.txt to not install certain ROMs. See the EXTROM section below for details on what the cab installers do.
    2. Copy the entire EXTROM folder and it's contents to your Storage Card. The full path on the device should be "\Storage Card\EXTROM" (You may customize the EXTROM folder, or skip it entirely. The HOTFIXES are highly recommended to be placed here though)
  3. Modify the operator in the ROM as needed:
    • Determine your operator Information e.g.: "T-MOB101", or "Vodafone", or O2. See GetDeviceData.
    • Open a command prompt, go to the folder where the ROM file resides (nk.nbf) and execute: SetOperator ???
    (where ??? is your operator)
  4. Copy the nk.nbf file to folder that match ur device (PH20B/PH20B1)
  5. Temporary Remove your SD Card (it may work for you with the SD card still in your BA, but better to be sure)
  6. Put your device into Bootloader mode by pressing and hold the "Power" & "Record" buttons, and then press the Reset Button
  7. Connect the phone to the sync cable/cradle.
  8. Now you can upgrade the ROM using BaUpgradeUt.exe / MaUpgradeUt_noID.exe
  9. When the upgrade is completed, you must perform a Hard Reset
    1. Press and hold the "Power" button, and then press the Reset Button. Colored stripes (the bootscreen) will appear on the screen.
    • If you have a PH20B device such as MDAIII, QTEK 9090, XDAIIs, PDA2K etc, EITHER:
    • Quickly press "Record" & "Camera" before the versions appear at bottom right
    • OR press "Power" & "Camera" & "Record" buttons and Reset at the same time
    • If you have a PH20B1 device such as SX66:
    • Quickly press "Record" & "Windows Media" before the versions appear at bottom right EITHER
    • OR press "Power" & "Windows Media" & "Record" buttons and Reset at the same time
    1. You'll see three options on screen. You must change the second and the third to yes. If you are not developing/testing software you can disable the first debug option for better performance.
    • If you have a PH20B device such as MDAIII, QTEK 9090, XDAIIs, PDA2K etc, use "Camera" and the "Record" buttons.
    • If you have a PH20B1 device such as SX66, use "Windows Media" and the "Record" buttons.
    1. Press the "Mail" button. A white screen will show for a while, while it is clearing your device in preparation for the new ROM to start executing
    1. When the bootscreen, aka. the colored stripes is displayed, wait more, you are booting. The welcome screen to set up your device will appear shortly ...
  10. (if removed earlier) Put back your SD Card before you do the setup. This way the installation from the SD will continue after you have done the setup
  11. Your upgraded ROM is now running!
  12. During the first boot the CAB-files from "EXTROM" folder will be installed

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