IRC Meetups/2005/May/May25Transcript

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This week the transcription was done on the fly during the meeting so its not as fluid as it normally is/will be. Here's the Raw log of the meetup

Update on open task items

  • was released. Woot. The people are happy. MCincubus: It's the solid base we've been wanting...
  • WordPress Resource Center and Theme Viewer
    • Photomatt: I set up shadow an account he put the theme stuff on so I think that's taken care of now

Codex Cleanup Week

  • relle: SIGN UP NOW and we'll have a schedule within in a week or so. We are doing it a little differently. It's nine days not a weekend. We will be asking for volunteers to sign up and to request assignments. We will be handing out homework.

WP Groups

  • WordPress User Groups = WPUGS, email relle about your local meetup

State of the Codex

  • It is awesome and will get awesomer

Holes in Documentation

  • skippy: working example of home.php as a splash page.
  • User:Lorelle/Articles_Wanted is the place to say what's missing
  • We desperately need documentation and advanced technique articles.

State of the Forum

  • New tag for the forums: Needscodex for when someone looked for an answer in the codex and didn't find one
  • Are or are not Your WordPress posts in Forum going off the Latest Discussion list - do we need to warn or just do?: YourWordpress is got the boot off the front page of /Support

What's Next?

Assigned Projects

  • theme gardener - moving 3-6 themes into and cleaning them up, to be distributed on /extend/themes - Mike Little
  • bbPress - another core dev for the bbpress project, focus would be integrating WP user system and extending profiles - mdawaffe
  • OpenID - someone to investigate writing a OpenID authentication plugin - firas is team leader bravo- will deliver newz in a week
  • Wiki Working Group - new mailing list
  • TortoiseSVN tutorial - Firas

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