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br /[5:00 PM] photomatt howdy br /[5:00 PM] masquerade afternoon br /[5:00 PM] PotterSys evening :) br /[5:00 PM] Podz ditto br /[5:01 PM] photomatt looks like we only have two topics on the plate for today br /[5:01 PM] photomatt but that's cool br /[5:01 PM] --| Huvet ( has joined #wordpress-meetup br /[5:01 PM] io_error short meetup, then? I'm kind of short on time today br /[5:01 PM] photomatt because last week was really awesome in terms of progress br /[5:01 PM] --| ringmaster (n=ringmast@ has joined #wordpress-meetup br /[5:01 PM] io_error Oh yeah, the bug hunt kicked a lot of ass. br /[5:01 PM] photomatt tons of great new code and patches, and the benefits from the bug weekend are still happening and being applied br /[5:02 PM] coffee2code greetings all br /[5:02 PM] mumbles how did that go? br /[5:02 PM] photomatt also I think the WYSIWYG improvements and caching code is really solid br /[5:02 PM] photomatt do we have stats yet for the bug weekend? br /[5:02 PM] mumbles i was in bristall that weekend . br /[5:02 PM] masquerade 90 bugs squashed br /[5:02 PM] stevecooley I wanted to contribute more, but I had a hard time figuring out where I could be helpful br /[5:02 PM] io_error 91 bugs squashed, final count? br /[5:02 PM] masquerade 32 patches still awaiting commit br /[5:02 PM] mumbles poped my head in for a while but not much that i could of done on mates laptop br /[5:03 PM] io_error stevecooley: mainly, install latest svn on your Mac, update it every few minutes, test whatever's under discussion br /[5:03 PM] io_error I still have to test the patch for 1837, but I think it's all right br /[5:03 PM] stevecooley io_error: in discussion in the IRC channel, yes? br /[5:03 PM] io_error right br /[5:03 PM] photomatt the patches should all be finished up this week br /[5:04 PM] stevecooley ok, when's the next bug hunt? :D br /[5:04 PM] photomatt rboren is coming down tomorrow and we're going to crank all day on it br /[5:04 PM] masquerade -- skippy has a nice summary br /[5:04 PM] ringmaster masquerade: Did you finish the hybrid user page thing? br /[5:04 PM] masquerade ringmaster, yeah, its under bg|commit under my name I believe br /[5:05 PM] ringmaster Cool, I want to patch it in and see it.  :) br /[5:05 PM] io_error As far as I'm concerned we could do it every other Saturday br /[5:05 PM] photomatt that is a good summary br /[5:05 PM] photomatt I'd like to have a post on the dev blog too, with links to everyone who helped out br /[5:05 PM] masquerade ringmaster, the templating on it could probably use a bit of work if you'd like to update it a bit, form elements were acting up br /[5:05 PM] ringmaster masquerade: Hmm. Maybe. Let me see what it looks like first. br /[5:06 PM] masquerade ringmaster, I had to add a few minor CSS bits, like an explicit width declaration on a checkbox so it wouldn't expand to fill its container br /[5:07 PM] masquerade at least its em though ;-) br /[5:07 PM] photomatt cool br /[5:07 PM] photomatt I think that's it for the bug week wrapup, anything else? br /[5:08 PM] io_error error_bot: ticket 1837 br /[5:08 PM] error_bot io_error: br /[5:08 PM] photomatt now isn't the best time to talk about actual bugs br /[5:09 PM] io_error photomatt: I know, I wanted it for myself :) br /[5:09 PM] io_error what's next? br /[5:09 PM] PotterSys WP Fondation status br /[5:09 PM] photomatt so to catch everyone up br /[5:10 PM] photomatt I had a meeting with Mitch Kapor (of OSAF) who introduced me to a lawyer br /[5:10 PM] photomatt on tuesday I met with the lawyer and his firm has agreed to take on setting everything up pro bono br /[5:10 PM] stevecooley Nice! br /[5:11 PM] Podz photomatt, slide them a few free wp's :) br /[5:12 PM] photomatt this isn't going to be a fast process, we have to define the larger public good pupose of the org and get all the paperwork in order br /[5:12 PM] |-- geeksmakemeho1 has left (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) br /[5:12 PM] photomatt but when it's all said and done wordpress and pingomatic will have lost their single point of failure (me) and should be around for a very long time :) br /[5:12 PM] mumbles right - going to get room sorted out br /[5:13 PM] ringmaster Let the assassinations begin! br /[5:13 PM] photomatt you guys :-p br /[5:13 PM] * io_error buys guns cheap from San Francisco residents br /[5:13 PM] ringmaster Obviously, I'm kidding.  :) br /[5:14 PM] * ringmaster works out his alibi. br /[5:14 PM] photomatt the main thing to figure out between now and then is the board, which as skippy educated us a week or two ago is for financial oversight br /[5:14 PM] --| geeksmakemehot ( has joined #wordpress-meetup br /[5:14 PM] photomatt ie, the project will continue to operate in much the same matter br /[5:15 PM] photomatt it sounds like the only costs, since we can have all the hosting and such donated, is going to be the yearly IRS filings br /[5:15 PM] io_error Financial oversight seems simple enough for an open source project br /[5:15 PM] io_error especially one with virtually no costs ;) br /[5:16 PM] ringmaster Are the costs for the IRS filings substantial? br /[5:16 PM] photomatt yep, very little overhead br /[5:17 PM] photomatt ringmaster, it doesn't sound like it. I think it's well within what we could raise once a year br /[5:17 PM] stevecooley do you have people in mind for the board already? br /[5:17 PM] photomatt no I don't br /[5:17 PM] photomatt probably three people total? br /[5:17 PM] stevecooley yes br /[5:18 PM] stevecooley probably no need for more than the minimum br /[5:18 PM] photomatt it'd be nice to get someone with experience in this from the mozilla or OSAF boards, but those people are very busy br /[5:18 PM] stevecooley well, couldn't hurt to ask br /[5:18 PM] photomatt sure br /[5:18 PM] stevecooley wordpress is well known br /[5:19 PM] photomatt getting there br /[5:19 PM] stevecooley it may have the gravity to attract someone experienced br /[5:19 PM] stevecooley or someones, that is br /[5:19 PM] photomatt that's pretty much all the updates, things on that front will probably be quiet for a few weeks, but I'm happy to field any questions br /[5:20 PM] stevecooley when it 1.6 going to be out ? :) br /[5:20 PM] stevecooley -t+s br /[5:21 PM] photomatt ha! br /[5:21 PM] photomatt well, things are starting to wrap up on that front br /[5:22 PM] photomatt I'd like to freeze the code within a week or so br /[5:22 PM] photomatt then the release date depends on how many bugs pop up in wider testing and how the documentation comes along br /[5:22 PM] Podz so it'll go beta ? br /[5:22 PM] photomatt after the freeze, yes br /[5:22 PM] io_error bah br /[5:23 PM] io_error I have a feature I want to get in br /[5:23 PM] photomatt before we've had code coming in and out until the last minute, I'd like to have it a little tighter this time br /[5:23 PM] photomatt hopefully it'll mean a better release with less support problems br /[5:23 PM] io_error :) br /[5:24 PM] Podz worth a temporary beta forum ? Just until release ? br /[5:24 PM] photomatt well, whether we mean it or not br /[5:24 PM] photomatt a beta forum would encourage discussion about the beta on the forums br /[5:24 PM] io_error on the beta forum, anyway, we hope br /[5:24 PM] photomatt which from my impression from forum folks, would drive people crazy br /[5:24 PM] photomatt or it would encourage beta adoption by people who shouldn't be adopting it br /[5:25 PM] io_error photomatt: heh, good luck preventing that :) br /[5:25 PM] Podz a beta forum for beta posts is okay. br /[5:25 PM] Podz it will be leapt on - or do we point them at testers / hackers ? :) br /[5:25 PM] Podz they'll not use testers br /[5:25 PM] photomatt well I guess it would be testers or the beta forum br /[5:26 PM] photomatt oh one other thing, though this will be a surprise to very few old-timers, the release probably won't be called 1.6 br /[5:26 PM] Podz the changes I've proposed on the forums list, along with another I'll mail you about should see the forums slightly better placed to deal with a possible beta forum br /[5:27 PM] Podz 2.0 ? br /[5:27 PM] io_error no br /[5:27 PM] io_error we're moving away from that :) br /[5:27 PM] photomatt that might be the appropriate jump br /[5:27 PM] io_error it'll be WordPress 2006 br /[5:27 PM] Podz 4.0 ? Beat MT there :) br /[5:28 PM] photomatt heh br /[5:28 PM] photomatt textpattern jumped to 4.0 for their first non-beta-RC release br /[5:28 PM] masquerade I vote 3.0 br /[5:28 PM] masquerade a whole step ahead of Web 2.0 br /[5:28 PM] photomatt naw, we could jump around or do a funny date/letter based thing br /[5:29 PM] photomatt but I think logically there have been three huge jumps in WP in the past two years br /[5:29 PM] photomatt 1.0, 1.5 br /[5:29 PM] photomatt and now this release br /[5:29 PM] io_error 2.25? br /[5:29 PM] Podz WP Final ? br /[5:29 PM] cyphase will the features in WordpressMU be the same as br /[5:29 PM] masquerade photomatt, might as well jump .5 each release :-P br /[5:29 PM] cyphase sorry if this has been addressed, i haven't been following wordpress for a few eeks br /[5:29 PM] cyphase weeks* br /[5:30 PM] ringmaster Hey, while someone has mentioned MU, where the heck is the soure? br /[5:30 PM] photomatt cyphase, MU has not been officially released, there are only daily builds available br /[5:30 PM] cyphase i know br /[5:30 PM] cyphase that's why i said will br /[5:30 PM] cyphase :) br /[5:30 PM] photomatt it's not recommended for anyone other than sysadmins br /[5:30 PM] cyphase i know br /[5:30 PM] cyphase i'm asking about when it does come out br /[5:30 PM] io_error Mu is set to be released sometime in 2014 br /[5:30 PM] photomatt no planned date br /[5:31 PM] cyphase no.. br /[5:31 PM] cyphase lol br /[5:31 PM] cyphase whenever it does come out.. br /[5:31 PM] cyphase will it be about equal to br /[5:31 PM] cyphase * br /[5:31 PM] io_error I would suspect so. br /[5:31 PM] photomatt having a release means you have to support it, and MU users tend to be (1) people who have really weird server problems impossible to bug and (2) trying to make money off of it br /[5:31 PM] cyphase k br /[5:32 PM] cyphase i thought maybe would have a few extra things to encourage people to use it br /[5:32 PM] cyphase cool though br /[5:32 PM] cyphase thanx br /[5:32 PM] photomatt ringmaster, br /[5:32 PM] io_error cyphase: heh, oh, it will :) br /[5:32 PM] cyphase ah, ok br /[5:33 PM] ringmaster Thanks photomatt. br /[5:33 PM] photomatt alright, any other issues or should we wrap this up? br /[5:34 PM] io_error /io_error br /[5:34 PM] ringmaster Site updates for 1.6/whatever rollout? Still on schedule? br /[5:34 PM] io_error There's a schedule? br /[5:34 PM] photomatt ringmaster, see above :) br /[5:35 PM] ringmaster I guess I missed that. Ok.  :) br /[5:35 PM] ringmaster You're talking about the site redesign, right? br /[5:35 PM] photomatt no, haven't talked about the site redesign br /[5:36 PM] ringmaster That's what I was hinting at. br /[5:36 PM] photomatt ah br /[5:36 PM] photomatt that'll probably happen after the freeze and the core wp coding slows down a bit br /[5:37 PM] ringmaster Neat. I'm excited to see that, really. br /[5:41 PM] io_error hm, so that's it? br /[5:44 PM] photomatt yep br /[5:44 PM] photomatt /meetup

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