Increasing startup speed

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If the Mozilla suite or Firefox start slowly, these solutions should help.

  • Defragment your hard drive (accessed in Windows as "Disk Defragmenter", found in "All Programs -> Accessories -> System Tools" in the Start Menu)
  • Clear your cache, cookies, and history in Firefox by pressing "Ctrl+Shift+Del" and check the applicable options, or in the Mozilla Suite preferences (under "Advanced -> Cache" and "Privacy & Security -> Cookies -> Cookie Manager").
  • Cleaning out your bookmarks may improve performance.
  • If the other solutions fail, the standard diagnostic may be able to fix the problem.


Mozilla Suite

The browser in the Mozilla Suite has a built-in feature called Quick Launch which can be activated through "Edit -> Preferences". This feature will keep some of the browser resources in system memory so that the browser will load more quickly when it is invoked. On Windows systems it will place an icon in the System Tray to indicate that it is active. This icon can be double-clicked, supplying an alternative means of invoking the browser. By default on Windows systems the feature will load at system startup. This behaviour can only be managed from within Windows itself. On Windows 98/ME you can run the System Configuration Utility via "Start -> Run" and typing msconfig and then selecting the "Startup" tab and unchecking the Mozilla Quick Launch item.


Firefox does not have a Quick Launch feature similar to that for the Mozilla Suite.

On Windows: However, a third-party utility called Firefox Preloader is available at It performs in much the same way as the Mozilla Quick Launch feature, but directly provides more configuration options such as loading at system startup.

On Linux: prelink