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Welcome to the WordPress中文文档.

This website provides Mozilla product documentation written by the user community. You can follow the links below to browse all of the articles, or use the Search box at the right-hand side of each page. If you want to discuss problems or ask questions about Mozilla products, please use the MozillaZine Forums instead. See here for how to create or edit an article, or leave comments about one.

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Thunderbird Wikitb0rn.png

A powerful, extensible, and fast stand-alone browser

Need more help? Visit Firefox Help or browse the Firefox links page.

A stand-alone e-mail and newsgroup client with breakthrough spam filters

Need more help? Visit Thunderbird Help or browse the Thunderbird links page.

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Other Mozilla-based applications Sunbwiki3ej.png

The successor to Mozilla Suite—A remarkable suite of browser, e-mail client, and more, utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Need more help? Browse Mozilla Suite links.

Exciting new developments



Help for hackers

Developers might also want to visit the Mozilla Developer Center.

Extensions, themes and plugins

Mozilla Add-ons and Add-ons Mirror, extensions and themes repositories.
PluginDoc, extensive plugin documentation.
Mycroft, search-plugins repository.