Magician/Rom Upgrade

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How to do a ROM Upgrade via EXE-Method ....

Before trying any of the below, put your Magician into Bootloader mode (Power + Camera + HOLD Soft Reset) and run the EXE file directly. If you're lucky, this may work. However if you get an error such as 'Country ID Error', then do the following...

  1. Right click on the EXE file and extract to a folder (using WinZip, WinRAR or otherwise)
  2. You should end up with about 6 - 8 individual files in the folder; ms.nb1, radio.nb1, nk.nb1 ruu.conf, ruu.dll, enterbl, getdevicedata and maupgradeut.
  3. Download MaUpgradeUt_noID.exe and place this file in the same folder as the files above.
  4. In ActiveSync, click on file and connection settings and untick the USB connection.
  5. Put your Magician into bootloader mode by holding the power and camera buttons, and holding the soft reset button with the stylus.
  6. The screen backlight will be off, and 'Serial' should be displayed on the screen. Connect the phone to the USB and confirm that it says 'USB' now.
  7. Now run MaUpgradeUt_noID.exe. The upgrade wizard wil start, go through a few checks then eventually come up with the Country ID error.
  8. Run the MaUpgradeUt_noID.exe file again and this time it should allow you to run the wizard.
  9. The process should then go through 3 stages which should last about 10 - 15 minutes.
  10. When finished you should get the upgrade successful notification and a prompt to reset the device
  11. In ActiveSync, click on file and connection settings and tick the USB connection.
  12. Enjoy your new ROM

Extra BIG Storage steps ....

Now you succeeded in rom upgrading the next step might be patching your rom to a BIG Storage one. In this you'll trade in the ext-rom for a larger internal storage folder of 26MB.

Follow these steps to patch any shipped-rom to a BS rom:

Download the latest shipped-rom from:

Download the Hexeditor from: hexedfull.exe, nbfdec.rar & maupgradeut_noid.exe

If the link for one of the last two file is broken go to this thread & get both files:

  1. Unzip NL_11300_131_11200.exe (or any other shipped-rom) to get all the .nbf & enterbl.exe etc. (c:\temp\BS is a good suggestion in this)
  2. Put NBFDEC in the same directory as the unzipped shipped rom files
  3. Copy the getdevicedata.exe to your Magician and execute it (it will not provide any gui displays or feedback whatsoever) on the Magician to write DeviceData.txt to \Windows.
  4. Copy this \Windows\DeviceData.txt to your PC and view it with notepad
  5. To decode nk.nbf -> nk.nb1 start a command window, go to the directory where you stored nbfdec & the other files & type: nbfdec -d nk.nbf nk.nb1
  6. Hexedit header in nk.nb1 to correct ID from DeviceData.txt (probably only if using a shipped-rom from an other provider than currently installed)
  7. Replace the byte pattern for bigstorage in hexeditor (in file nk.nb1): locate the 02 00 00 80 00 20 and change 80 00 to b8 01 in the nk.nb1 (use binary search for this!!). You'll find the pattern twice & both occurences need to be changed.
  8. Encode nk.nb1->nk.nbf: nbfdec -e nk.nb1 nk.nbf
  9. connect your Magician with usb
  10. run maupgradeut_noid.exe to upgrade CE image

Also, this way you will save the contents of increased \Storage folder if previous rom was bigstorage one

Usage sample (must be run from the same folder as nbf files or specify full path):

nbfdec -d nk.nbf nk.nb1

nbfdec -e nk.nb1 nk.nbf

Enjoy your new BIG Storage ROM

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