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Welcome to the XDA-Developers Wiki

A wiki is a system where many people can work on structured information. Think of it as a very easy way to create a set of webpages, where anyone can edit any page.

To be able to create or edit pages, you need to be registered as a user at If you are not registered as a user, go to the XDA Forums and click 'register' in the menu on the top of the page. Once you're logged in to the forum, you will automatically also be logged in here. If you have an xda-developers account but aren't logged in, simply click the 'sign in' link on the top of this page.

True to wiki spirit, please feel free to add your own page if you feel it needs to be.



MediaWiki Syntax

When editing pages on this Wiki, please use the MediaWiki syntax. It is extremely easy to understand, and the final product will be rewarding. Please view the Editing Guide for detailed instructions on (almost) every aspect of editing MediaWiki pages.


Welcome to the devices section of the new XDA-Developers Wiki. You may have noticed that there are pictures along with the device's name, nicely organized into a grid. You may either click on the device's picture, or click on the link. Either way, they both go to the same page (thanks to some fancy redirecting ;) ). Enjoy! :)

HTC Smartphones

HTC A Series

HTC Desire HD

HTC T Series

HTC P Series

HTC S Series

Not Done Replacing/updating images. Stopped at HTC S Series. --ThaDeanesta 18:39, 3 August 2010 (CDT)

HTC X Series

Other Phones Manufactured by HTC

Samsung Smartphones

Sony Ericsson



HP iPaq



If you find something wrong with anything in the above section(s): Please do NOT modify it. Changing the Page names, or Image names would have a negative effect on the wiki. If there is something broken, please write on ThaDeanesta's Talk page, and I will fix it as soon as possible.

  • Please do not move any device's page. This would mess up the naming scheme (which is more important than many of you may think), and cause items to not function.
  • Please do not edit any text in the above section(s).
  • Please do not edit any of the device's picture pages. Editing these pages will result in the picture's redirect not working.

Thanks for your co-operation --ThaDeanesta 21:21, 31 July 2010 (UTC) (Creator of the new Main Page layout)

Chinese clones:



Frequently Asked Questions

View the FAQ. Only a tiny start now. Please help the beginners by providing common questions and their answers.


How to Search on To search using the XDA-Developers Forum built-in Search function, find the search bar (pictured below) and type in your search text, and press Enter, or the button outlined in the RED square in the picture below.

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There is a search plug-in to do searches on the XDA side directly from your browser search bar. This plug in works in Internet Explorer 7+, and in FireFox 2+.

You can install this at:

MyCroft Plugin

External Companies and Resources

HTC (Formerly High Tech Computer Corporation)



Windows Mobile On XDA-Developers Wiki

PDA Device & Specs Data Base

Software, Tools, and Development

Third Party Software

XDA-Developers Tools

Development Tools

  • Development Tools is gathering information about the tools necessary for developing software for windows mobile. With eMbedded Visual C 4 and its fourth service pack (freely downloadable) you can set up a free and legal development environment. Check the links!

Linux Porting


General Flashing guide

MSM Driver Development


Hardware Modifications

HTC Sense & Manila Menu Modifications

Connecting to XDA-Developers FTP

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