Minimize to system tray (Thunderbird)

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Thunderbird cannot minimize itself to the system tray. However, you could try one of these solutions. If you're running Microsoft Windows:

If you're using Linux the FireTray extension supports "hiding to tray instead of closing". One of the general minimize-to-tray utilities mentioned in this MozillaZine Forums thread or below.

If you are using GNOME, KDE, Xfce, or Fluxbox you can use kdocker or AllTray.

Minimize-to-tray utilities

With the following utilities you can minimize not only Thunderbird, but any program to the system tray.

Email notification utilities

Some email notification utilities for Microsoft Windows that support the system tray:

New Mail Attention adds support for a message filter action to call attention to the main window when a new message arrives. It supports several operating systems and the MinimizeToTray Plus add-on.

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  • Forum thread about using Thunderbird as a pseudo shell, using MinimizeToTray Plus and FiltaQuilla add-ons.