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Here we can compile a list of plugin compatibility with version 2.0.

Note: Please include the version number of the plugin you tested. This will help both WordPress users and plugin developers determine what needs to be addressed.

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Plugins that work so far, at least

A - C

D - F

Fold Category List] 1.0b3 resolves issues with permalinks under WP 2.0

G - K

L - O

P - S

T - V

W - Z

Plugins that don't work or are not working properly

If a plugin doesn't work please try to include a link to its SVN directory ( under ) and one of the WP devs might fix it.

  • Blogger API Client v0.2 Does populate part of the ttbac_wp_post_map/tt table, but does not get the BloggerID, nor does it actually populate the other blog with post data via XML-RPC.
  • CA-ColorPicker
  • Chenpress Does not work correctly
  • COIquotes Does not work correctly
  • Enhanced Post List (not working due to call to ttuser_level/tt . tested 0.4)
  • ElegantCatagory(in)visibility causes links to pages to come up as a 404 page.
  • FeedWordPress 0.97 Works upon this fix.
  • Hide-or-Cut Post Text 1.0 Quicktag appears in edit and tag shows up under view source, but the excerpt is not actually hidden/cut.
  • LDAP Authentication - Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wp_login() (previously declared in \wp-includes\pluggable-functions.php:128) in \wp-content\plugins\ldap_auth.php on line 202
  • sLive Comment Preview 1.7 doesn't show any preview automatically or manually./s Version 1.7 seems to be working fine with WordPress 2.0 final.
  • Live Post Preview 1.1 doesn't show any preview and deactivates all other active plugins - Works if already enabled before upgrade and if WYSIWIG is disabled.
  • Live+Press Breaks the posting page.
  • LMB File Press Behaves fine through uploading image from your hard drive, but when click on Add Image to Post just sits there.
  • Of all PHP execution plugins only Exec-PHP and WP-Exec seems to work. With RunPHP PHP Exec the processing when posts/pages are added seems to sanitize the current methods used by these plugins. If you'd prefer using RunPHP (and possibly PHP Exec) anyway, turn off Users should use the visual rich editor by default in Options -- Writing.
  • Plaintext Does nothing in WordPress 2 due to changed permalink handling.
  • Recent Comments Widget for WP-Dash (same reason as Enhanced Post List)
  • RumMovie (IMDB) IMDB button does not appear in Quicktags on Write/Edit area so can't further test this plugin. Site:
  • Spelling Checker 1.18 (PHP errors) - Works if already enabled before upgrade and if WYSIWIG is disabled
  • Wordpress Touched - The plugin is functional, in that it sort of works. But every time you use it to edit a post, the timestamp is automatically edited to 1969, regardless of whether you want to edit the timestamp or not. Also has errors editing some of the advanced features of a post.
  • WP-Dash Looks grazy and creates many errors.
  • WP-Cache No errors, but the actual caching doesn't seem to work properly. Also, there are reported problems with PHP 5.
  • WP-Lists Plugin activates ok but various path errors eg line 776 uses 'edit-lists.php?action=create' updated to use 'edit.php?page=edit-lists.phpaction=create' creates double admin footer (code issue)
  • ZenPress Since version 1.2, compatibility with Wordpress 2.0.x is no longer assured. Last compatible version is 1.1.1.