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  • You can use the dzo files to flash android over windows mobile and have it permanently on your device.
  • You must see dzo ftp to find the lastest files available.
  • 17/04 new zImage
    • Post #1132
    • USB / AC charging works
    • USB networking thanks to dzo (needs USB plugged in when booting)
  • 10/02 new zImage
    • Post #724 by Rogro82
    • changed the keypad handling ( all is now done in one single driver and is on another base then it was )
    • power button fixed
    • keypad backlight is now handled in userland (from within Android)
    • battery driver start
  • 29/01 new zImage
    • Post #559 by Rogro82
    • backlight brightness control working
  • 25/01 new zImage
    • Post #502 by Rogro82
    • buzzer working
    • keypad backlight works
    • screen dims after some timeout
  • 22/01 new zImage
    • Post #444 by rogro82
    • major code rework
    • all buttons can now be mapped
    • no audio in calls.
  • 20/01 new zImage
    • Post #410 by rogro82
    • audio working
    • regression audio during call isn't working from xxx -> Polaris
  • 20/01 new System.img
    • backup from Post #2142 by dzo
    • SMS working
    • Network strength
    • audio with a kernel that will hopefully be available soon
  • 18/01 new zImage by Rogro
    • phone working
    • gprs working at least with radio add your working version here
    • you need to start a data connection in Win, setup your ppp settings in default.txt and you use togga in Android to connect

Current state

Tasks Status Comment
Boot OK .
Graphical interface OK .
Touch screen OK .
R/W Access to /dev/smd0 (Control Channel) OK .
R/W Access to /dev/smd1 (For PPP) NO .
SD storage access OK SD
Internal storage access No .
Hardware buttons OK see button mapping
USB OK charging works (can be improved) networking works (needs to be connected on boot - not sure if it would just need "ifconfig usb0 ... up" or if it misses initialization)
Wifi OK .
Bluetooth OK .
GPRS/EDGE/3G/HSUPA OK needs Togga to connect kernel parameters or just APN set up correctly in Android (make sure you have a data plan)
Audio Routing (Phone) OK make & receive calls works
SMS/MMS OK/NO Send/Recieve SMS works
Camera: front/back NO/OK .


Simply put all files in the root directory of your SD-card and run haret.

  • Android
  • data.gz (=> data.img)
  • default.txt
  • haret-0.5.2.exe
  • initrd.gz
  • system.img
  • always the latest kernel: zImage and changelog or here if the changes bring improvements specifically for Polaris

Android 1.5

Android 1.1 (most stable)

earlier versions

SDK 1.0

What it looks like

for more pictures look here: Android QVGA.

Button mapping

button action
power lock screen
power long Phone options
Send (green) Send
End (red) back (close)
Nav (GPS) home
IE menu/settings
up up
down down
left left
right right
wheel ccw none*
wheel cw none*
inside wheel center / enter/select
camera show / hide osk**
camera hard switch orientation
volume up volume up
volume down volume down
voicedial home
  • depending on the situation should also be up/down, zoom in/out ...
    • on-screen-keyboard for console use

Other stuff

Option Status
keypad light work
buzzer works
network strength works
power icon some status
keyboard soft-keyboard included in Android (cupcake)
SMS work
internet works
phone works
time works
changes get saved to data.img

To be done

there is a bugtracker so all bugs/feature requests need to go there.

  • GPS (at /dev/smd7 when activated in Win?)
  • main camera (back)
  • Wi-Fi (has been started for Kaiser)
  • headset RC E100 (simple wired headset already working on Vogue/Kaiser)
  • videophone camera (front)
  • power management ?
  • leds (work, need to be implemented for android)
  • bluetooth (has been started for Nike)
  • Android
  • when the screen goes off, and you press power button haret boot screen shows for 0.1s before the right content shows up
  • touchscreen issues
  • GPRS icon shows without working data connection "Android" (after boot) (gsm emulation on qemu?)
  • "Data access" (Settings -> About phone -> Status) shows connected (data not working)
  • "Network" states Android (Settings -> About phone -> Status) (even if there's a data connection to e.g. O2)
  • also "Android" on the windowshade?
  • data connection settings need to be setup manually
  • Google login doesn't work (Sync contatcts, ...)

** behaviour can be different

To be improved

  • USB / AC charging (see fixme's in source)
  •  ?USB networking
  •  ?audio
  •  ?SD driver


You need to create a folder called AndroidApps in the root of your micro-SD card. If you place the*.apk files inside - they get installed when booting Android.

Known problems & fixes

  • the phone doesn't work
  • switch off the pin request in windows
  • data.img is corrupted
  • delete data.img and start over with data.gz or your previously backed up data.img ;-)
  • there's too little space in data.img (e.g. you can't install any additional apps)
  • Howto resize data.img
  • screen is white and flickering
  • try setting board-htcvogue.panel_type=3 in default.txt
  • the device (touchscreen) gets hot when booting with wlan enabled
  • network provider settings
  • you have to set ppp.username and ppp.password in default.txt according to here
  • http://android.v-dh.nl/internet.php (e.g. ppp.password=\"\" for empty password)
  • data connection doesn't work
  • start Togga in android (it's below in the list of programs)
  • click connect
  • maybe you have to also setup the right APN
  • Menu -> Settings -> Wireless controls -> (scroll down) Mobile network settings -> Access Point Names
  • delete the ones that are there by opening -> Menu -> Delete APN
  • put the right one for your network there (MCC, MNC should get detected automatically)
  • don't mind the message "old radio found: audio disabled" on boot (Vogue related)

Useful Links

Unsorted info

The branch htc-vogue on linuxtogo.org (ltg) (based on android-msm) is our choice.

SDK 0.8

(outdated) from here thanks, rhov23, dzo, ...

button action
power power menu
green none
red close / end
GPS none
IE settings
up up
down down
left left
right right
wheel ccw ?
wheel cw ?
inside wheel select / enter
camera show / hide keyboard
camera hard contacts
volume up none
volume down none
voicedial none
button lights off - work?
vibrate works
signal icon seems to be working
power icon seems to be working doesn't detect USB (charging?)
keyboard working
SMS working
internet not working*
dialer not working*
time wrong
changes not permanent (of course)
* may be due to Radio

Legal Notice

The software linked to on this site is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.