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Portadroid (a.k.a. Port-a-Droid) SuperRAM GB is a tool for the HTC HD2 which boonbing built mainly with scripts that enables supported Android Gingerbread HD2 NAND or HTC Desire ROMs to be booted via SD card into RAM on the top of your stock WM6.5 ROM. Theoretically, all current HD2 NAND Gingerbread ROMs can be ported via Portadroid SuperRAM GB with the basic functionalities working listed below. All you have to do is simply copy the files from Portadroid into an "Android" folder on your SD card. Next you copy the "META-INF" and "system" folders from your chosen Android ROM into the "/Android/root/" sub-folder. You can then run your choice of Android in RAM whenever you want from your stock Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM by running CLRCAD.exe and then haret.exe.

More information is available on the forum thread: HTC Leo: HD2 > HD2 Android > HD2 Android SD Development > [25-MAY][RAM] Portadroid SuperRAM GB v1.0 [kernel:tytung] http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1094372

This is a list of some Android ROMs that have been tested on HTC HD2 with Portadroid.

Desire Android Development


Currently tested and supported by Portadroid

User community tested working:

HD2 Android NAND Development


Currently tested and supported by Portadroid

User community tested working

  • [15.Apr.11][CWM/clk] Ultimate Droid 3.3 [Tytung r9][Approved by Darkstone] (http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=958953)
    Tested OK in Portadroid v1.0 post # 117 (had to replace the modules from Tytung's r10 kernel through Droid Explorer to get Wifi/Data working in the above-mentioned Rom's with working Wifi/Data)
    Tested OK in Portadroid v1.0 post # 263 using magldr wifi fix GB234.zip from Post # 213 and using static IP.

Other ROMs

User community tested working

Basic Functionalities

The basic functionalities that are supported by Portadroid SuperRAM GB include:

1) Basic smartphone features (voice calls, sms, apps, games etc)
2) GPRS/3G Data Network based on ppp
3) Camera/Video Recording
3) Wifi (tested on WEP encrypted Network)
4) Bluetooth (tested on Jabra Extreme headset)
5) GPS (tesed with GPS status app)
6) Wifi Tether/Hotspot (Install "wifi_tether_v3_0-pre14.apk" - see thread)

Note that Portadroid can only support functionalities that are available with the HTC HD2 hardware.


The file startup.txt contains parameters that can be edited to change the way Portadroid initially ports your ROM. For example the default line:

set cmdline "rel_path=Android ram_system=1 data_size=256 system_size=150 ported_rom=desire lcd_density=240 gps_zone=sg"

Can be edited for larger size of data.img and gps zone of "uk"

set cmdline "rel_path=Android ram_system=1 data_size=512 system_size=150 ported_rom=desire lcd_density=240 gps_zone=uk"

Meaning of Variable in cmdline

1. rel_path     folder name of the build (Android)
2. ram_system=1 for RAM enable
3. data_size    size of data.img, 1024 means 1024MB
4. system_size  size of system.ext2, 150 means 150MB
5. ported_rom   nand or desire
6. lcd_density  default value for android is 240
7. gps_zone     country code, uk, us, it etc.
Leave cmdline as default if you don't know what you are doing


The startup.txt file notes state lcd_density default value for android is 240. However the HTC Leo HD2 actually has lcd_density of 217. VGA is 480x640, HD2 is 480x800 Wide or WVGA and has screen diagonal of 4.3 inches. Using Pythagoras theorem on square of hypotenuse SQRT(480^2+800^2)/2 = 217. When you port a ROM to HD2, you may wish to consider changing your value for lcd_density to read

set cmdline " lcd_density=217 "

Complementary Programs

For further details please see forum thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1094372