Prophet Rom Dump

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You need:

To Dump the ROM:

  • Get into the tri-color screen (bootloader) (hold CAMERA, reset) and plug into the USB port.
  • Kill wcescomm.exe from Windows XP using the Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DELETE) (this is the ActiveSync driver for the USB port)
  • Start Tera Term
  • Selec the "serial" radio button and from the drop down list select "USB"
  • Hit "return" to ensure you have a command prompt.
  • Make sure your 128MB SD card is in the slot.
  • Type "r2sd all" and hit return.

The loader will dump the entire ROM (including extended ROM) to the SD card.

Note that this is NOT a file on a FAT filesystem - its a RAW data dump with a signature and checksum. As such you CAN NOT read it onto your computer - you need a tool like "psdread" to read it from the card to a file on your PC.

Stick the card somewhere safe.

To Restore the ROM:

  • Insert the SD with the power off in the Prophet, then power on while holding the CAMERA button.
  • Press the Comms button on the side when it tells you.

Note that the prompt only comes up for a few seconds and then it will continue to enter the bootloader.