Prophet recovery

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If during an upgrade your Prophet fails to start properly or can only enter bootloader follow this:


  • Download and install the latest version of ActiveSync (Google for it)
  • Download and unzip an AKU2.2 (No Vendor) ROM for the Prophet-any AKU 2.2 will do-from [[1]] or here
  • Within ActiveSync DISABLE connect through USB (Tools->Connection Settings->Uncheck Allow Connect through USB)
  • Put the Prophet into bootloader mode (hold the commmngr button and insert the stylus into the larger hole next to the power socket)
  • Plug the Prophet in via USB
  • Run the RUU specific to your device (G3 or G4) from the AKU2.2 folder. If there is only one RUU, use that.
  • When it has finished: disconnect the Prophet, and then re-enable the connect through USB in actyivesync before reconnecting the device.

Your Prophet should now work!


  • It doesn't matter if you can't sync files, so long as when you plug the device in it says "USB" in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.
  • XP must be used if your device is a G4 (Vista may work for G3 devices but I'm not sure).
  • If the device can't stay in bootloader (i.e. it shuts down) you need to charge the battery - thanks to jawad8305 for discovering this!