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Usage: perl [options] fatfilesystemimage

  -f DIRECTORY  : save files to DIRECTORY
  -d            : save deleted files
  -c            : save unused clusters
  -l            : save data from unused cluster space
  -o OFFSET     : offset to FAT bootsector
  -v            : be verbose
  -q            : be extra quiet
  -r            : output commands to repair corrupted fat disk

for example to print info on the xda-ii extended rom image:

   perl -o 0x70040 ms_.nbf

note: the latest version of discovers the offset by itself.

     so just typing
   perl  ms_.nbf -f files

will extract all the files from the extended rom file to a subdirectory named 'files'.

   psdread -2 0 0xb800 dsk2
   fatinfo -q -r dsk2 || tail -2 || cmd

will read the \storage disk from an xda2, and repair any broken files. ( like for instance the atdbg log files, which tend to get truncated.