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source can be found here

perl script to manipulate rom images.

  • you can extract the various parts of a rom ( xipchain, osrom, bootloader, bootsplash, xipregion )
  • you can insert parts into an existing base rom image.
  • you can apply small ( several bytes ) patches to a rom.

splitrom understands all known WallabyFileFormats and HimalayaFileFormats.

Usage: splitrom <romimage(s)> [[options]]

  -wx xipchain                where to write xipchain
  -wo osrom                   where to write output image
  -wb bitmap                  where to write bitmap
  -wl bootloader              where to write bootloader
  -wm romsection:offset:length save romsection to file
  -wp xipsection:filename     save xipsection to .bin file
  -wi infoname                save NBF info to file
  -rl bootloader              which bootloader to use for NBF
  -n nbfinfotext              what NBF header to use [[ex: PW10A1-ENG-3.16-007]]
  -ri nbfinfofile             or where to read NBF header info from
  -wi nbfinfofile             where to save NBF header info
  -rx xipchain                where to get xipchain from
  -rb bitmap                  where to get bitmap from
  -rm romsection:offset       insert new romsection.
  -nl length                  size of the NBF header
  -ob offset                  where to find the bootup image
  -oe offset                  the end of the os image ( dfl: 0x81f00000 )
  -ol offset                  where to find the bootloader ( dfl: 0x80000000 )
  -oo offset                  the start of the os image ( dfl: 0x80040000 )
  -t NBF || NBA || B000FF || NB? || IMG type of result image (default is NB1)
  -db offset:data,data,...    write byte data to offset
  -dw offset:data,data,...    write word data to offset
  -dd offset:data,data,...    write dword data to offset
  -ds offset:string           write string data to offset ( with \ chars )
  -dl offset:file:offset:length  insert data from file at offset