Samsung Galaxy S II Series

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Galaxy S II Variants

This may be incorrect:

  • i9100: UK model, 1.2 GHz processor, no NFC.
  • i9103: 1.0 GHz processor, NFC?

Recovery Mode

This is how to put you Galaxy S II into Recovery Mode:-

1. Turn off your Galaxy S II phone.

2. Now hold the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons of your Galaxy S2 smartphone until the Samsung logo comes up.

3. When you see the Samsung logo; quickly release the buttons for half a second and then hold them again.

Now your Galaxy S II will boot into its Recovery mode. Use the volume keys to navigate and the home button to make your selection.

Download Mode

To put your Galaxy S II in Download mode you need to do the following:

1. Put your device in "USB debugging mode" : Settings -> Applications -> Development -> USB debugging

2. Turn off phone completely

3. Hold down Power Button + Down Volume + Home Button at the same time

It will then power on into download mode

To get out of download mode without flashing anything, keep the Power Button pressed for about 5 seconds, the phone should shutdown.

Product Code / HIDSWVER (pda/csc/phone/kernel) List

For reference. Useful for Kies, Odin, Check Fus Downloader, etc.




Screen protectors

Cases & Pouches

MHL cable

The SGS2 is one of the first phones to use "MHL", which allows HDMI output (1080p in this case) through the micro-USB connector. You need a special MHL cable, which are hard to get.

On future MHL-compliant TVs, the TV will also charge the phone, while it is playing video, so you won't need to worry about running out of battery during a film.


See Samsung Galaxy S II Development for detailed information about the hardware, drivers, compiling kernels, CM and so on.



Samsung Kies

Current version:

Official page with download link: