Samsung Google Nexus S

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Nexus S Variants

Variant Model # Country UMTS 850 (V) UMTS 900 (VIII) UMTS 1700 (IV/AWS) UMTS 1900 (II) UMTS 2100 (I) CDMA 4G Screen Type
模板:Rh | T-Mobile GT-I9020T US/UK Super AMOLED
模板:Rh | Europe GT-I9023 Europe Super Clear LCD
模板:Rh | AT&T GT-I9020A US/Canada Super AMOLED
模板:Rh | Sprint (Nexus S 4G) SPH-D720 US Super AMOLED


Technical Specification

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GSM varients come preloaded with Gingerbread 2.3, Nexus S 4G comes preloaded with 2.3.4

Automatic OTA update available to 2.3.1 (GRH78)

Automatic OTA update available to 2.3.2 (GRH78C) - fixes SMS bug

Automatic OTA update available to 2.3.3 (GRI40) - NFC + API 10

Automatic OTA update available to 2.3.4 (GRJ22) - GTalk Video Chat and minor bugfixes




Lack of Micro SD slot, LED Notification Light, HSPA+ support, and Gorilla Glass Screen (means it can easily be scratched).


Custom ROMs

Other Galaxy S models

Common information on Galaxy S series phone: