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/noinclude Če ste novi v WordPress-u in vas skrbi kje začeti, ste prišli na pravo mesto! Tukaj je zelo enostaven vodič ki vas vodi korak za korakom kako začeti. Ne pozabite, če boste potrebovali pomoč je veliko možnosti za pomoč opisanih v tem članku. Dobrodošli v čudovitem in vznemerljivem svetu WordPress-a !

Korak Ena - Preberi

Preden boste vlagali svoj dragoceni čas in energijo z namestitvijo WordPressa, obstaja nekaj člankov, ki jih boste morali prebrati. WordPress je izjemen produkt; lahek za uporabito, zelo močan, ampak to še ne pomeni da je pravi za čisto vse. Tako kot izgradnja hiše morate tudi tukaj uporabiti pravo orodje za pravo delo. Razmislite o ustvarjanju PDF-ja in ga preberite.

Korak Dva - Naredite Načrt

Based upon the information you've just read, including instructions on installing WordPress, you should have a list of the things you need, and the things you need to do. If not, make that list now--you'll want to make sure it includes the following information:

The following documents will help you understand more about how WordPress works and how to make a plan for your WordPress site:

It is important to make a plan about how you want to use WordPress on your site. Here are some questions to ask yourself. Make a list of the answers so you can add to your plan.

  • Will you install WordPress in the root directory, subdirectory, or you just want to make a test site to make sure you want to use it?
  • Have you made a list of your site Categories? Understand that WordPress can only order Categories alphabetically by name or by ID (order entered through the Manage > Categories screen), so if the display order of your Categories is important to you, start making your list of Categories.
  • Have you made a list of Pages you may want to add to your site, such as About, Contact, or Events?

Step Three - Install WordPress

With this information and your plan, it's time to install WordPress.

Step Four - Set Up WordPress

With your installation complete, it's time to set up WordPress so it will work the way you want it to work. As you change various settings, it is recommended you view how those changes impact your site by frequently clicking the View Site link at the top of the Administration Screen. Though you may choose to do these steps in any order, your site will cause you fewer problems if you proceed in the following order:

Take time to explore the WordPress Codex site, the official documentation site for WordPress. You'll find helpful information by reading WordPress Lessons, and these helpful documents:

Presentation and Themes

With the new WordPress version 1.5, changing the look of your WordPress website is possible with just a few clicks. Here is a list of resources and information about changing the look of your site with WordPress Themes.

At this point, there may be something about your Theme choice that is bothering you, or, you really want to get your hands dirty understanding how your WordPress Theme works. These simple guides to help customize your WordPress Theme:

If you want to create a new WordPress Theme from scratch, or do major renovations, or even design WordPress Themes for public release, you will need to be familiar with HTML, XHMTL, and CSS. The following documents will get you started:

If you want a custom-made WordPress Theme created especially for you by expert web-designers, it is recommended you search for qualified web-designers on the Internet, or look in your local community, or draw from the List of Recommended Web Page Designers by Laughing Squid.

Adding Plugins

There are many "add-on" scripts and programs for WordPress called Plugins that add more capabilities, choices, and options to your WordPress site. WordPress Plugins do many things, including; customizing the results of your site information, adding weather reports, adding spell check capability, and presenting custom lists of posts and acronyms. For more on how to work with Plugins and where to find WordPress Plugins for your site:

Advanced Use of WordPress

Now that you are familiar with the basic features and functions of how WordPress works, it might be time for you to plunge deeper into the power of WordPress. The links below will expand your familiarity with PHP, HTML, XHTML, and CSS:

Need More Help

As simple and easy as it is to use WordPress, if troubles arise, if something is confusing, if things aren't working, don't despair because help is available! Even though WordPress is free and open source, there are literally hundreds of volunteers eager to help you. Here are some helpful resources for WordPress:

And Finally

Now that you're a full fledged WordPress user, consider contributing to the WordPress Codex, Support Forum, Development, and other volunteer efforts that keep WordPress going. WordPress is free and totally supported by volunteers, and your help is needed.