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Network Admin → Sites

The Network Admin Sites Screen allows you to add a new site and control existing sites on your network.

Network Admin Sites Screen

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Table of Sites

Lists all sites on this network.

Click this link to go to Edit Site Screen to view/edit Settings of the site and add users.
Switch Administration Screens to the site's one.
Deactivate / Activate
Deactivate / Activate the site.
Archive the site (same as Deactivate, effectively)
Mark the site as spam. Makes it unavailable to use for anyone.
Delete the site.
Go to the website.

Add Site

Fill in the items and click the Add Site button to add a new site into your network.

Site Address
Only the characters a-z and 0-9 permitted.
Site Title
Name of the site.
Admin Email
Email address of the administrator of the new site. A new user will be created if the above email address is not in the database.
The username and password will be mailed to this email address.

Edit Site

The Edit Site screen is split up into tabs for easier data management. It is strongly suggested you not edit these fields unless you're sure you know what you're doing.


This data is the basic information of the site. Domain, registration date, time of last update, and if it's public or mature.

Network Admin Site Edit Screen


Users lists all the users of the site. It also has options to add new users, via either "Add Existing User" (i.e. a user on your network already) or "Add New User" (i.e. a new user to the network).


Themes shows all the themes on the site. Network enabled themes are not shown on this screen.


All site settings are store in this table. Do not edit anything here unless you know what you're doing.

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